Yesterday I spent most of my time filing out application forms and watching The Hunger Games (which by the way, is awesome – why haven’t I watched these films sooner!?). By the afternoon I’d exhausted my brain and needed to get some fresh air.

Now, although I love to hunt bargains and often stalk out supermarkets at night, I have never been to them for closing time on a Sunday. It seems quite perfect really – super reduced items without having to wait past 10pm, but it’s likely many other people would have the same idea and that has always put me off.

Anyway, that said, I started to think to myself “I wonder how many things I could get before the shops close at 4pm. Could I get to more than one store?” That’s how I came up with the #4pmchallenge.  Us bargain hunters love to show off our purchases, but how about a bit of friendly and fair competition.. Or even using it as a competition to track personal progress.

First I set my sights on Asda. I’m not sure if the time of year has anything to do with it, but it was heaving! The main clearance section had been completely swept – not a great start. I checked out the bread and baked goods – there was so much there! I picked up a few things – being very mindful of my shrinking freezer space with each thing I buy!


I got a pack of 6 seeded bagels – 30p reduced from £1.60, two packs of 8 mini pittas – both 20p each reduced from 50p each and a pack of pain au chocolate – 30p reduced from £1.


I thought the pain au chocolates looked a bit like one-eyed guineapigs! … Just me…?



I also picked up 4 pots of mixed pepper stir fry – each 30p reduced from £1.30 (just a heads up – the multi-buy deal doesn’t work on yellow sticker prices at Asda), Extra Special extra fine beans (for when normal green beans just won’t do!) – 30p reduced from £2 and tomatoes – 15p reduced from 79p.

I tried the beans that evening with my roast dinner, and they were delicious – I was really surprised as I thought a green bean was just a green bean…

My total Asda shop came to £2.60 with a saving of £8.94 (77% discount!)

Next, onto Tesco. It was even busier than in Asda. Surely all these people weren’t here to see what discounts the end of the day brought? I started to get impatient having to dodge so many oncoming trollies so I kept my visit short.

It was fairly slim pickings in here too – I’m not sure if the items get reduced earlier than I thought, or if I was just unlucky and there wasn’t much going out of date in either store, however  I did get a few things.



Warburtons wraps – 19p reduced from £1.30, *finest four cheese sauce – 50p reduced from £2.50 and three pots of courgette spaghetti – 30p a pot reduced from £1 a pot. It was on a deal too so I got one free!

I’m really excited to try the spaghetti – I’ve never had it before and am excited for the results!

My total Tesco shop came to £1.29 with a saving of £5.51 (81% discount!)

I was debating staying in Tesco until they closed to see if anything else would be brought out but I decided against it when a squabble broke out as a whole load of sprouts were reduced to 10p a bag.  I draw the line at that – and always feel sorry for the staff that get bombarded. Who needs that many sprouts anyway!? I decided to end my #4pmchallenge by popping in to my local Co-op. It’s very hit and miss and sadly it was miss this time. Two out of three shops isn’t bad though!

I’m looking forward to trying to beat these savings on my next Sunday off!

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