Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday or #tbt as it is otherwise known seems to be quite a big thing on social media. So not to miss out on the fun, I thought I would post a photo from earlier in the year when I won a (tasty) competition.

I’m not massively into entering competitions. I generally find the odds way too small to bother – but I know the saying goes that “you have to be in it to win it.” I’m not sure how ‘compers’ do it… it is so time consuming! FYI – a comper is someone who enters lots of competitions, and I mean loads.

Anyway, about this time last year I got an email newsletter from Higgidy pies explaining their latest competition which was to win pies for your workplace. I am in love with Higgidy pies, so I entered and a month or so later I found out that my workplace had won! It was and still is possibly the most exciting thing that has happened at work in my opinion.


When ‘Pie Day’ rolled around, I literally couldn’t contain my excitement. We got between 80-100 pies, which was well over £300’s worth!

The pies were shared out and enjoyed by everyone and we were still talking about it for weeks after. So thank you Higgidy, you made our day!


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