A Thrifty Christmas Tip

I’m one of these people that buys presents for Christmas and Birthdays all year round and put things by for when the time comes. Not everyone has the space or patience for this but I would definitely recommend doing it for Christmas if you’re looking to save a bit of money.

I’ve done most of my Christmas present shopping via deals and discounts. I’ll be doing a post about it in the run up to the big day showing you all what I bought, but for now here’s a few other festive things that I’ve purchased to get me ready for the big day.


This ready-to-roll gingerbread dough was £1.30 reduced from £2. Not a massive saving but it certainly helps!



I made simple round biscuits and used icing that I already had to pipe the designs on. I also had this two-tier cake stand which I bought for £1.50 reduced down from £5 back in the summer. I jazzed it up by using a copper paint from Hobbycraft which cost a few pounds and tied a bow on top with some left over ribbon. I think it turned out quite well!


I picked up some cute name labels (£1.25 from £2.50) and place cards (£1.75 from £3.50) from Paperchase a while back. The store I went to was closing down so I got another 10% off on top of the sale price. I also got a roll of Christmas wrapping paper (not pictured) for 10p!


I also picked up some festive kits. The Elf Cottage was £2.32 reduced from £4 and the Cake Pops £1.45 from £2.50. In my local Asda they have a shelf almost hidden away by the crisp section with tins, sweets and household items that are discounted. It’s always worth having a good look up and down all the aisles if you haven’t come across a shelf like this yet! Both were discounted just because of the boxes being damaged. Everything inside is still all in tact!

I think if you have children in your family who like to make things over the holidays then putting this kind of stuff by is a great idea. Even if it only saves a few pounds, that’s still a few pounds and it keeps them busy! I’m just a big kid and enjoy doing these types of things to get into the festive mood.

I’m actually going to be making and reviewing the Christmas Cake Pops and Elf House soon. I’m certain that leftover kits will get discounted nearer to Christmas/just after! Even though they are Christmas themed I think anyone would still have fun making these into the New Year.

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