Quick Review – Maryland Snack Packs

Before I start my quick review, I should probably let you guys know that I am a sucker for miniature and snack versions of things – somehow it makes them taste even better!


In the reduced section I recently found a box of Maryland Cookies Single Snack Packs. I’m not actually sure if they are new out but I’ve never seen them before. The reason this particular pack was yellow-stickered was just because the box was ripped. It almost seems a bit silly really as all six packs were inside and sealed!


As the cookies had some money off, I thought I’d give them a try. I’m a cookie fiend and have always loved Maryland cookies – they are possibly my most favorite snack ever. But would this particular product live up to my expectations!?


I took a packet to work each day last week as part of my packed lunch. I really loved the whole idea of them being individually wrapped, and I think it keeps them fresher than in a normal pack once you’ve opened them. The cookies themselves were delicious – I couldn’t fault them on taste and they were chunky… The best kind!

I thought overall that they were quite fun and would be really good for children and adults alike. The only thing I would say is that if you are looking to save money on this kind of thing, this product might not be quite for you as it would be cheaper to buy a normal pack of cookies and divide them up into sandwich bags. The only thing you might not get is the same freshness.

That being said, I would definitely buy these again if they were on offer because I thought they were really cute and tasty!

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