Cute Non-Traditional Christmas Tree for £5!

At the moment B&Q have some good online exclusive discounts on Christmas lighting and one of their items includes a 2ft 7in rattan tree with lights already included. It’s super glittery and has some sweet little ‘snow dusted’ pine cones. The best thing about it is that it’s only £5!! It was originally £28, so that’s a 82% saving!


I didn’t think that this little bargain could get any better but shipping was free too! I’m not sure why or how but when you buy this tree they give you FREE next day delivery!


It arrived right on time and I was surprised at the size of the box – a bit smaller than I expected, but I realised that you need to construct the tree yourself. Well, I say construct – it comes in two parts that takes all of two seconds to put together.



The only thing about the tree that I received was that the pine cones weren’t evenly spaced out like in the pictures online. This might sound a bit silly but I’m a real stickler for getting the most ‘picture perfect’ product I possibly can. That being said, you can’t really grumble at a fiver for this tree! I think it is so pretty and is something I would personally keep up year-round if I had the space. I think I might buy a few extra festive/woodland themed accessories to add to it to make it look even more lovely!

I can’t see anywhere that tells you the end-date of this deal but if you wanted to check it out, you can do so here.

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