Yellow Sticker Haul

I actually did this shop about a week ago but I’ve been super busy in the run up to Christmas that I haven’t had time to put it up.

I went to my two local supermarkets – Asda and Tesco and it was about 9.30pm on a Thursday – I was coming home from seeing some friends so it made sense to pop in.

I haven’t quite mastered what time Asda reduces their food but I still managed to get a few bits!


I picked up this fresh sea-bass which came from the fish counter. I’ve never bought anything from there before because its just a bit too expensive for me, so it was a great opportunity to give it a go! I also haven’t had sea-bass before. These guys had a red pepper pesto inside and it turned out to be delicious! They were £2 per bag, reduced from £6 making an overall saving of £8 on these.


Next up – a selection of Extra Special broccoli! I’ve never even heard of Purple Broccoli before but seeing as it was reduced to 10p each from £2 I thought I’d better try them! I also got a packet of Tender stem Broccoli Tips which were reduced to 30p from £1.50. I made a saving of £5 on these three tubs! I never knew broccoli could be so expensive!

Next up – Tesco. At first I was kind of dissapointed as I didn’t see very much reduced. Well, there was reduced stuff but it wasn’t by very much. After a little bit of walking around I noticed a staff member with a wheelie table with a few reduced items on it. I had a sly little look as I walked past and noticed that they were really cheap. I’m definitely not one of these people that bombards shop assistants as they are reducing items- I think it’s unfair and I have seen people get really quite crazy over a bag of veg! I was the only customer in that aisle so I asked the girl if I could have them. She was more than happy for me to take them – she said that it would save her having putting them out.


I got a roll of *finest sweet shortcrust pastry – it was 70p reduced from £1.75 and two packs of *finest bramley apple, blossom honey and pork stuffing. They were both 30p reduced from £3 – I was so pleased that I got them!


I also got this pack of 12 Cumberland sausages for 20p instead of £2. I was really pleased with this too – I needed to buy some sausages anyway!


This Tesco has a fancy salad bar – I picked up this pot of cherry tomatoes for 45p reduced from £3!


While I was there I discovered a clearance shelf which is tucked away by the tinned food. In this little section I manged to get two large squeezy Hellmanns mayo. They were both 50p each reduced from £2 because they’d had something sticky on them (cola I think). I also picked up two bottles of brown ale reduced to 88p from £1.75 each and two mini Blossom Hill bottles for 88p reduced from £1.75. The drinks will make perfect stocking fillers for my grandparents.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

My Asda shop came to £4.60 instead of £17.50 – that’s a 73% discount.

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

My Tesco yellow-sticker shop came to £6.51 instead of £20.83 – that’s a 68% discount.



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