Cheapest Dolce Gusto Mini Me!

I wanted to write up a quick post about my newest toy… the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me! I think I got the best deal currently available so if you’re looking to get one, carry on reading…

For a while I’ve been interested in these little machines, but I’m not the biggest fan of coffee. After a catch up at a friends house, I discovered that it does hot chocolate too (regular hot choc and caramel hot choc)!


I was doing a bit of food shopping in Tesco the other night and saw that the red and grey version of Mini Me was reduced to £34.50 which is £5 cheaper than it was in there a few days ago. I was feeling quite tempted so had a play around with the display model. When I looked closer at the display I noticed that there were £5 off vouchers sellotaped to some of the boxes.

Unfortunately for anyone outside of the Portsmouth area, this  voucher is only valid at the new Fratton store. I think it’s because it’s newly opened BUT I could be wrong.

With the voucher you get £5 off a £25 or more spend on electrical, home, stationary and toys and is valid until the 24th of Dec. I did pick up a second voucher which I’m hoping to use if they start their sales on Christmas Eve.



So the machine cost me only £29.50 which I think is the cheapest about. The offer must have been popular because when I returned to Tesco yesterday the machines had all gone!

If you wanted to get one, the grey and red version of the Mini Me is still available for £34.50 from Tesco Online with free Click and Collect delivery or if you fancy it in black you can get it from Home & Cook (Tefals online store) for £29.99 + shipping.

(Just a side note to this – the girl that served me in Tesco was lovely! We got chatting about the drinks machine and she wished me a great evening!)

Happy shopping everyone!

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