Free *finest Christmas Puddings from Tesco!

In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to write about Christmas puddings! I managed to get two Tesco *finest Christmas Puddings worth a total of £20 for absolutely free!



I’m part of scheme called Tesco Orchard and as a member I have the opportunity to take part in product testing programs and get some freebies. All I have to do in exchange is give them some feedback. I was recently selected to try what Tesco calls a ‘Christmas Showstopper’. I got to choose one of a number of festive products. These products are given on a first come, first served basis and they included: Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, a yule log and a cheese and port selection. They are all things from their *finest range and have a value of up to £20. I opted for the pudding – all I had to do then was eagerly await my coupons arriving in the post. Rather than send out products, Tesco gives you a number of coupons. On this occasion I got one which enabled me to get a free pudding, one which gave me a half price pudding and I also got a few coupons with a smaller discount to give to friends and family who may wish to purchase the product too.


I was lucky – when my coupons arrived the Christmas pudding was on sale for £5 instead of £10 and my voucher was valid up to the value of a tenner. This meant I could get two! I kept one for myself and gave the other one away.

In return for trying the Christmas Pudding, I had to give my feedback online and post up some reviews. The more of these you do, the more your ‘score’ goes up. This is really important because the higher your score, the more likely you are to be picked to take part in other campaigns.

It does take a little effort to provide all of the feedback that Tesco want but I personally think that it’s worth it. On some occasions you also get Clubcard points for giving your opinion.


If you wanted to find out more about joining Tesco Orchard then you can do so here. When you sign up I’d recommend you fill out all of the surveys as soon as you can as these are what helps Tesco decides whos right for which products. Every survey you do also bumps up your score so it’s extra important!

I’ve been a member for over a year now and have participated in 11 different campaigns. Because of these I’ve got the following for free:

*finest Christmas pud, *finest cheese, powdered ‘super-foods’ for smoothies, fresh berries and cherries, cookies, fresh fish, *finest joint of beef, dairy cooking products, home products, ice cream and a selection of products (make-your-own pizza, clothing, meat, veggies, fruit and home-wear) in a newly opened store near me.

Why not give it a go!?



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