Asda Christmas Decorations 90% Off!

During a visit to Asda this weekend, I noticed that their Christmas tree decorations had been reduced by 90%. There was also candles and wrapping paper in the sale!

If you’re looking to top up on your tree decorations for 2016, I’d recommend a quick look on your next visit!


I picked up a candle for 40p reduced from £4, 3 sets of owl baubles which were 60p a pack reduced from £6 a pack, 3 packs of ribbon which were 10p a pack reduced from £1 a pack, 2 JOY tree decorations which were 30p each reduced from £3 each, 3 penguin decorations at 20p each instead of £2 each and finally, 8 heart decorations reduced to 20p each from £2 each!

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