My Boots 70% Off Sale Experiance

I’ve never properly shopped in the Boots 70% off sale. I’ve always been working and by the time I get to have a look, it’s all pretty much gone. This year was different though – by a stroke of luck I had the day off and I decided to get involved.

I’ve already had a really successful sale shopping experience with Boots – my recent buys in their 50% off sale have meant I’ve been able to finish up my presents for other people to give in 2016. So the 70% sale was going to be all about me and what I wanted!

I’ll start of with the online sale. I’d heard last year that the extra discounts went live online at 4am on the second Wednesday of January. I didn’t expect anything different for this year and set my alarm to be up (not so) bright and early. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep very much that night. I was sat up in bed after just having finished watching Just Go With It on Netflix when I decided to have a peek on It was 2.30am – way too early. Or so I thought. The sale had launched and there was almost 100 pages of items to look through! After about 30 minutes of searching and adding things to my basket I was ready to pay. Horrifyingly, some my basket was suddenly taken away from me and a message popped up to say that some of my choices had sold out already! Despite this, I still picked up some presents for myself. I chose to get the items delivered into my local store. It all arrived the next day which I was really impressed with!

When I’m at work I like to wear a cheap and cheerful scent – my usual Alien by Theirry Muglar is pretty costly, so this was a perfect opportunity to stock up.


I got the Yardley London English Daisy gift set for £4.50 instead of £14.99 and the Impulse set was £2.70 from £9.


The Charlie Red box was £3 from £10 and the Charlie Black set was a mere £2.40 from £8! I was and still am so pleased with myself over these.


The other two items that I got online were a Homedics Wet and Dry brush costing just £9 instead of £30 and a Homedics Facial Cleanse & Perfect brush for £7.50 instead of £25. I’ve been really keen to try these types of brushes for a while, but I could never justify the cost. The more expensive of the two brushes is a body brush, but it can also be used on your face. The facial cleanser brush obviously does what it says as the name suggests and you might wonder why I bought them both. The reason I did was because the facial brush also doubles as a foundation applicator which is meant to rival even the best brushes and beauty blenders. I’m hoping that they both live up to my expectations!

Now, for my in-store experience. It was quite something. The Boots 70% sale is a very big event in any bargain-hunters calendar. I arrived at 8.30am to what can only be described as total madness! I found out from a staff member that there were people queuing outside at 7.30am and they were very eager to get through the doors when the store opened at 8am.

All of the baskets and shopping-bags to put things in were all gone by the time I arrived, so I had only expected to pick up a few bits that I would be able to carry. About 5 minutes into my browse a kind shop assistant said she’d found a shopping bag for me to use! Most of the shoppers were lovely too – I’ll put that out there. But there were the odd few people that really were a bit nuts. People had bags and bags (or baskets and bags) full of items so it made maneuvering through the aisles and past the displays quite difficult. Common courtesy went out of the window for some and they got the hump and barged through. Three vases – all on separate occasions – got smashed because people were being careless. Those responsible didn’t bat an eyelid. I was really shocked!

What also surprised me was the organisation skills of some shoppers. They came in groups and all helped each other carry multiple baskets and bags of goodies. I saw one person alone with 7 big shopping bags on the sidelines, waiting for their friend to come and help them move it all to the till! I was also surprised at the sheer amount of stuff people got. Now, I know I buy multiples of things, but 15 or so of the large Soap & Glory sets just to one person is a bit much, isn’t it? I did wonder if some people bought them cheap like this to sell on.

FullSizeRender (32).jpg

FullSizeRender (31).jpg

FullSizeRender (34).jpg

I got to the checkout at around 9am and once I had dropped my stuff off at the car I returned to Boots at 9.30am to take a few snaps. In the half an hour that I was gone, the shelves had been stripped almost completely! Once again – I was shocked! On my way back out of the store I saw a lady struggling to get into the lift with her 5 Ikea-sized bags of purchases. I offered to help her and we got chatting. She said that she has bought most of her two sons Christmas presents for this year and told me how she waits specifically for the 70% off sale. I did wonder how anyone could risk it – as someone who buys all of their gifting in the sales, I like to make sure I get what I really want for people and it’s very rare that you’d get everything so far into January. Anyway, it was nice to chat to her and help her out!

I came home with some nice new things for myself:


The Champneys hamper was £18 reduced from £60.


The Joules weekend bag gift set was £13.50 instead of £45.


Each of these home fragrance kits were £4.50 and were originally £15 a set.

FullSizeRender (35).jpg

I paid £2.70 for this Rudolph mug instead of £9


These cute snowflake candles were £1.80 instead of £6! I also picked up 3 packs of the Malteaser reindeers. Each pack was 90p each and has 7 chocolates inside each box.

The day after the sale launched I went back in to collect my online order and decided to head up to the sale section to see for myself if anything was left. To my surprise there were still a few things.


I picked up this Champneys gift set for £12 instead of its full price of £40 and the cute cutlery holders for £2.40 instead of £8.

I would love to hear about your Boots sale experience – tell me in the comments below!





10 thoughts on “My Boots 70% Off Sale Experiance

  1. Angela C says:

    Wow, you did amazingly well with your shopping. I decided to give the sale a miss this year (I was still bearing the scars from last years sale) but because I’d been bought a voucher for Christmas we popped into our local Boots on the 9th. To my surprise they still had several shelves with stuff on them and I bought myself a Soap& Glory gift set…very pleased with my little bargain


  2. Sam says:

    Xx Wow you got some lovely bits. I go to the in store sale every year. And as sad as this sounds I get there for 7.15 and im always the first (followed closely by the same ladies who are there every year too at that time). Our store opened at 8 this year instead of its usual 8.30 which was great because when they did open there was only 6 of us in the queue and I didn’t even need to rush (even took my little shopping Trolly with me, which was a life saver). Normally I spend well over £300 as I buy for birthdays and Christmas but this time I spent just £120 (was slightly disappointed as last year they had the celebrity fragrances on at 70% off but this year only 50% still a good buy but I never bothered with them in the end). All in all it was a very good experience no pushing or shoving just people happily buying their goodies and chatting to each other :-). Xx


    • thebargainbunnyblog says:

      Hi Sam! Thanks for sharing your Boots sale experience – I love hearing about what other people get! It sounds like you are super organised when it comes to bargain hunting and that at your Boots store it was nice and friendly 🙂 I agree about the celebrity fragrances – I gave them a miss this year too!


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