H&M Sale Buys!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with H&M. I’ve bought some lovely clothes in there, but I also get frustrated and disheartened at times. I find myself going through the rails over and over to find my size, which is rarely in stock and even when it is, there’s no guarantee that it will fit me properly. The sizing can be completely out and I have been the victim many a time in the changing rooms where I’ve got stuck in a dress which has ended up being much smaller than what the label suggests. Thankfully the times that I’ve been a damsel in distress in a dress (say that three times quickly!), I’ve had a friend nearby to rescue me. Goodness knows what the staff in there must be thinking when I’m having a bit of a ‘moment’!

I hadn’t intended on shopping the H&M sale this time around for the above reasons, but I cut through the store as it makes a good short-cut into the main high-street. As I walked past the sale section, a rail of jackets caught me eye.


I have a few similar jackets in this peplum-style but I’ve worn them so much that they need replacing. I find that this style really suits my petite frame so I snapped it up in two colours. The black jacket was £15 and the purple £10. They were both origonally £24.99. Please excuse the creases!


Seeing as though I was already in the sale area, I thought it would be rude to stop right there… So I continued to rummage through the rails. I came across this cute grey top which was £3 reduced from £7.99 and this thin stripey jumper that I paid £7 for instead of £14.99. I thought these would both be great for layering – especially with pinafore dresses – my current clothing obsession!


Last up – possibly my best sale bargain to date. The picture just doesn’t do it justice so you’ll have to take my word for it! I picked up this camel colored, long (for me, at least!) wool-mix coat for £10 instead of £79.99. I couldn’t quite believe I had found such a bargain – I didn’t think it would really be that price when I took it to the till. I nervously waited for it to be scanned – feeling slightly tense- I was ready to be told it was a mistake. Luckily for me it scanned in okay and even the sales assistant seemed a bit surprised!

Since my visit to H&M everything in-store is now £10 or less, so it’s worth a visit if you’re passing by.

I was wondering, has anyone else had an amazing fashion mark-down? I’d love to know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “H&M Sale Buys!

  1. Iain says:

    Julia was looking for a new coat that was being offered, in a sale, by a well known High Street chain that retails to ‘women of a certain age’. Sadly the item was not available in her size when she tried the local store or online for a ‘click and collect’ and the sale period ended. Passing Newbury a couple of weeks later, visiting another store, we popped into the Newbury version of the said High Street retailer, there on a rail was the exact desired coat. The coat though, was not being offered as part of the sale that was ongoing yet as it was the desired item, Julia took the coat to the check out. When it was canned, the price on display was not full price on the ticket, nor was it the sale price; the displayed price was several pounds below the sale price even though the ticket displayed the full price. The moral of the story is to always get the price checked and then decide if you want to buy.

    We then detoured into the food hall and played hunt the golden ticket as there’s always something worthwhile that is close to its use by date!


    • thebargainbunnyblog says:

      I absolutely agree! I picked up a leather handbag for my mum in the M&S sale – it was originally £85, reduced to half price but it had been in the shop for a long time. I queried it at the till and it scanned at just under £28. It never hurts to check!


  2. Shannon Paige says:

    I love that beige coat! I also have a love/hate relationship with H&M…but mainly because it causes me to spend $ lol…their sizes are strange though. Depending on the item, I can pick up 2 pair of shorts in the exact same size, and one will fit and the other do not. Their sizes do not seem to be consistent depending on the items- that is frustrating. But you can really find some unique and well priced things- it’s been one of my fave stores since I was in high school!


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