Toys Reduced To Clear At Tesco!

I’m a big kid at heart and love looking around the toy aisles at the supermarket. I don’t have anyone to buy for – but there’s no harm in browsing. Sometimes I see things that I know other people will want to buy – I guess I’m a sale-bargain personal shopper of sorts!

At the moment Tesco have some great ‘reduced to clear’ toys. I’ve taken a few snaps but I was getting stared-out by some ten-year-olds who seemed to have been dumped in the toy section by whoever they came with. They were sitting there eating some just-cooked chicken and touching everything with their greasy fingers – gross. Feeling unwelcome on ‘their’ territory this afternoon, I didn’t take pictures of all of the best deals, but you’ll get a feel for what savings are around.

FullSizeRender (39).jpgThese colour-your-own Christmas cards are now 25p instead of £1!

FullSizeRender (40)

This make-your-own robot money box is reduced down to £3.50 from £12 – such a good saving!

FullSizeRender (41).jpg

Perfect for any Angry Birds fan – Angry Birds/Star Wars Jenga – was £25 and now £8!

FullSizeRender (42).jpg

My personal favorite – Pop ‘n’ Drop Penguins board game. Now £3 instead of £7! I kind of regret not getting this now!

FullSizeRender (43).jpg

Various Disney Cars toys – the one on the left was £5.50 reduced from £11 and the one on the left £7.50 from £20!

FullSizeRender (45).jpg

Last up – Minions! There are a lot of Minions things reduced to clear at my local Tesco. On the left are pose-able figures which are now £1.50 instead of £8 and on the right – a light up/talking Minion toy which was £6 reduced from £13!

If you’re someone that likes to stock up on toys ahead of birthdays, then pop to Tesco and see what you can find!

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