Phillips Electric Toothbrushes 75% Off!

I’ve been on the fence for a long time about buying an electric toothbrush. There are many out there which are very reasonably priced. But I have a bit of an issue – many of them are… ugly. I know that looks aren’t everything but my mind was set.

That all changed this morning when I was alerted to a fab offer currently online at Tesco Direct. They have two great looking Phillips electric toothbrushes at 75% off – one in pink and one in purple.


I ended up purchasing the Phillips Sonicare HealthyWhite rechargeable brush in pink. It has an additional feature which is meant to whiten your teeth – I’m intrigued to see if it really works! It also has great reviews. I paid just £25 instead of the full price of £100. I made sure that I used my Tesco Clubcard to pick up 25 points too. Check this toothbrush out here.


The purple version is the next step up in the range. It comes with a case and an extra feature – a mode for sensitive teeth. Reviews for this aren’t quite as good – but they are still very close. This particular brush can be bought here for £37.50 instead of it’s normal price of £150. You’ll earn 37 Clubcard points with that too!

If you’re not 100% sure if you should go ahead a buy, it might be worth knowing that from the 2nd of February, Tesco will be introducing a £2 Click & Collect delivery charge to orders under £30. £2 might not seem like a lot but that’s money you could be spending elsewhere!




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