Discounted Rabbit Treats At HungryBun

I’m super excited about this one: HungryBun are currently offering a discount on their bunny bento boxes. But be quick – there’s not many left!


For those who haven’t heard of HungryBun before- they make healthy treats for rabbits and package them up in lovely boxes which are sent right to your door.


Their prices are reasonable and everything is hand-made, which is great! But my bunny Honeybun is fussy when it comes to treats and I’ve been on the fence about spending money on anything new for her because of this. I’d love Honeybun to get a bit more variety but there’s no rhyme or reason to what she likes – I suppose you could call her a diva!


This evening I saw that HungryBun boxes were just £3.60 instead of the usual £6, and you get free shipping. This was enough to tempt me! I’ve put my order in and I will be eagerly awaiting it coming through the letterbox!


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