Super Boots Clearance Surprise!

Every now and again my local Boots store sets up a clearance section for all the things they need to shift to make room for new stock. I’ve never really been that tempted by what they have on offer – it’s normally hair dyes or make-up in colours that wouldn’t suit me. I already feel crazy enough so I don’t want to start looking like it too!

The clearance area on this occasion was on the way to the tills – so as I was passing anyway, I thought it rude not to take a moment and look.

As I was scanning the shelves, something caught my eye… I don’t think I can really convey in this post the excitement I felt when I came across them. It was an incredible moment in my bargain hunting history! ‘But what is it!?’ I’m sure you’re wondering. Well. I came across some Dreamland heated fleecy under-blankets. I appreciate that they doesn’t sound very exciting, and maybe some people think heated blankets should be reserved for the elderly. But this really isn’t the case.


I already own a Dreamland heated under-blanket and I think it’s incredible. It’s made my nights sleep so much better, but it needs replacing now.


So I jumped on these blankets like an ant would to a sugary, jammy doughnut! At this point I hadn’t even checked how much they cost so perhaps I was getting a little ahead of myself… When I saw the price I made a little ‘squee’ noise – I just couldn’t contain it! These blankets cost in the region of £50-£60 at full price, but their clearance prices were just £10 and £15! I picked up two in the end because I knew that my mum would want one as well as getting one for myself.


They’re both double-sized – the £10 one is heated up by one control connected to the blanket, whereas the £15 one is dual-controlled. The dual-control is fancy – two people sharing a bed can each control how hot or cold their side is. I didn’t realise this was a ‘thing’ – it’s pretty cool!

To top off my amazing finds, when I got to the till I was told that it was ‘triple points weekend’ and on top of that I also used some vouchers to boost my Boots points too!

I’ll be keeping toasty-warm for a long time to come now!




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