Amazing Savings On Candles At Tesco!

I took a trip to Tesco last Sunday in the hope of getting some yellow-sticker bargains, but unfortunately I was too late. Almost every last thing had gone apart from some dodgy looking boiled eggs bought over from the salad bar…

Not wanting to waste my journey, I decided to try out the Scan As You Shop scanners. I always see people using them but I’ve never felt that they would benefit me. But oh, how wrong I was!

I’ve heard of people using the scanners to find items that have been further reduced, but not labelled so. I spent some time going around the home-ware section, scanning items that were already on sale and other things that took my fancy.

I came up trumps in the candle section – I love burning candles (plus it helps cover the smell of house-rabbit in my home!) but often find the best ones are pretty pricey.


Thanks to Scan As You Shop I picked up this Wax Lyrical tin for £1 instead of £4. It smells amazing!


This 3 wick Beauticology candle was meant to be £8 but is now £2


And finally, this Wax Lyrical diffuser was £2 from £8.

When I got home I checked all of these items on Tesco Direct and none of them were as cheap as I had found in store.

I think I’ll do a post about the scanners at some point – I don’t know if I’d have the patience to use them during a full food-shop but they can definitely be utilized to finding bargains!

Happy shopping!


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