Asda’s Wonky Veg Box

Yesterday Asda launched something that got me very excited: The ‘Wonky Veg’ Box.


The Wonky Veg Box is what it says it is – a box of all the vegetables that would normally be shunned by the big supermarkets. And the best bit is that it’s sold for less than what the normal veg costs!


These boxes cost just £3.50 and contain potatoes, cucumber, onions, parsnips, carrots, leeks, cabbage and peppers.


It’s currently being trialed in 128 stores, with 20 boxes being sold at each one. It doesn’t seem like many, but I suppose Asda want to be sure that it’s going to be a hit before they commit.


I had the day off work yesterday and so made my way down to my local store – I was thrilled to see 7 boxes left sitting next to the fresh produce. The boxes all contain the same items, but their quantities differ. There’s holes in the top of the boxes so you can have a sneaky peek – but it was hard to really see what was inside.

While I was having in look at each box, another customer commented saying what a great idea they were and when I got to the till it became a conversation starter! The staff I spoke to didn’t know about the Wonky Veg Box which surprised me, but I was happy to spread the word.


When I got home I opened up my box and was happy with what was inside. I didn’t count out how much of each item I got but I’m certain if I’d bought the same amount from the ‘normal’ displays, I would have paid out more. I also love the pictures on the box – it makes the whole thing really fun.


V for… Vegetable?

Once I had prepped my veg for the weeks cooking I had a look online to see if other people had posted reviews. One thing which was very obvious that the boxes had varying quantities. I think I got a fairly average-to-generous amount in mine, whereas some people got a bit less and others got quite a lot more. Regardless, everyone still made a saving and I suppose the element of the unknown can be quite fun and exciting!

I really hope that Asda make this a permanent thing – I’d buy one almost every week!

Did anyone else manage to get one? What did you think?


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