Tresemme Straighteners Reduced To Clear At Wilko

At times I do wonder if I have some kind of shopping addiction. I mean, it’s not bad a thing to enjoy shopping but it’s a bit more than that for me – it makes me so happy and the bargain side of it is exciting! For example, I was in the town center yesterday because I had a parcel to collect from Marks and Spencer. I’d parked my car up on the opposite side of the high street and decided to cut through Wilko as it would save me time.

All I had to do was walk down the length of the store to reach the exit – I didn’t have any other reason to be in there. But I just couldn’t help myself. I veered off to the left where the clearance section is, and what do you know, I found a bargain that I wanted to buy!


Some of you might already know that I’ve done all of my gifting (birthdays, Christmas etc.) for 2016, but I was drawn to a pair of Tresemme straighteners. One thing that I wanted to get for my mum this year was a new pair of straighteners, but I wasn’t able to pick any up in the Christmas sales so I had to go with something else.

The straighteners were £20 reduced to £10 – so they’re on the lower end of the scale but a quick Google search on my phone at the time told me that they’re not as cheap everywhere else and the reviews are really good.

There was just the one pair left, so I took them and found myself in a bit of a debate about whether I should actually buy them. I went back and forth to the tills a number of times! I did end up purchasing them – to put away for 2017! I bet you’re thinking I’m a bit mad, we’ve only just got into 2016. The thing is though, relying on sales alone to purchase gifts can be quite tricky. I’ve had years where I’ve struggled to find anything, so I’d much rather be prepared and be saving money then having to spend that extra cash when Christmas or birthdays roll around. I’ve also realised that there’s really no rules as to the best way to buy gifts in the sales. All of my 2016 items were bought in the Christmas sales just gone, but last year I bought bits month by month, regularly checking the reduced to clear sections and using money off coupons.


So back to the straighteners – they were reduced because my local store doesn’t stock them anymore. I checked the website to see if they were listed on there but I couldn’t find them – this makes me think they’re no longer stocking them and any store that does have any will be wanting rid! So if you’re after some straighteners but are on a budget, then check out Wilko!

When I got to the till the lady who served me seemed quite jealous that I’d got the last pair. It made me even more happy that I’d bought them, haha!

I would love to know if anyone else is quite like me in terms of buying gifts – let me know in the comments if you’re super organised too!

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