Post-Valentines Day Bargain!

I’ve seen a number of people on social media sharing their excitement about the post-Valentines day bargains they hoped to get on the 15th of Feb.

Now, I wouldn’t expect anyone to wait until after Valentines day to get a gift for their loved one, but there are certainly savings to be made on flowers, chocolates and more if you head to stores the day after.

I might have been a little late as I didn’t get to Tesco until today and all that was left were flowers – however the savings were pretty amazing with up to 90% off.


I decided to pick up this big bunch for £2.50.



I couldn’t believe it originally cost £20 – what a find!


When I got home I realised that the flowers were looking a little ‘tired’ and there were a few casualties. Although I got them at a discount I was a little dissapointed because they had only just met their best before date. That said, I think they look rather lovely in this gold vase! You can also now get a better look of the cute packaging the flowers came in – I might try and re-purpose it!

Did anyone else get some good post-Valentines bargains?

2 thoughts on “Post-Valentines Day Bargain!

  1. judith says:

    Flowers water should contain baby sterlizer or denture tabs, flowers should last 3 weeks. Cut your flowers stems by half, that should help extend their life! Judith


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