Co-Op Portsmouth: Closing For Refurb Goodies!

If anybody lives in Portsmouth and are around today, I’d fully recommend popping down to the Co-Op on Eastney Road. They’re closing for a week and having a refurbishment – this means that they need to get rid of short dated items fast. They’re also reducing products that are well in-date but that won’t be stocked any more in their store.

I popped down at 11am and there was still quite a lot to be had – here’s what I got…


These Typhoo teabags were £2.39 a pack reduced to 59p and they’re in date until 2018. I also picked up two bottles of Fentimans ginger beer for £1.50 each instead of £3 – these are best before 2017.


I was really happy (and surprised) to see one of my favorite chocolate bars reduced to just 39p from £1.29. These Thornton’s fudge bars are just the best! So I took the six that they had left. These are short-dated but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that!


I also picked up these short-dated Pops Walkers crisps for 52p instead of £2.10. I’ve wanted to try these for ages!


And last but not least, I picked up two packets of Fox’s Oaty Orange biscuits for 53p instead of £2.16. I’ve never tried these before but I love anything chocolate orange flavored so I’m sure I’ll be happy with these.

FullSizeRender (52).jpg

At full price this shop would have cost me £27.33, instead of the £8.69 that I paid. That’s a 68% saving!

If you live nearby, pop in and see what bargains you can get!


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