Latest Yellow-Sticker Food Shop!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had to do a proper food shop (all reduced items, of course). That’s because my last yellow-sticker shop was ma-hoosive! I’ve also been picking up the odd reduced item here and there to top up my freezer.

I decided to wait until Sunday to do my shop – I feel I have the most luck on this day. The stores near always reduce at different times of day so it’s trickier when they don’t close until much later.

Anyway, after my last terrible Sunday shopping experience where Tesco had reduced everything earlier than expected, I arrived no later than 2pm. There was quite an abundance of reduced food but it wasn’t priced down as much as normal. I was still happy with the discounts however, and popped some things in my basket.


I got chicken with cheese and bacon – £2.36 instead of £4, hunters chicken – £2.36 instead of £4 and gammon steaks – £2.60 instead of £4. I also took advantage of the ‘3 for £10’ deal as it still works on reduced items. This got me an extra £2 off this lot!


Not the best picture, but I picked up two portions of cod bites (in the same bag) for £1 instead of £2 and two portions of fried chicken (in the same bag) for £2 instead of £4.They were super tasty!


I also picked up some ‘fancy’ *finest chicken breasts for £2.50 reduced from £5 and salmon fillets  for £2.06p instead of £3.50


I walked around for a while to check out the ‘non-perishable things’ clearance shelf (I love it!). It sounds pretty lame, but some washing-up liquid caught my eye! It wasn’t just any washing-up liquid though, it was Method. Method is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while as they use naturally derived ingredients, but it’s a bit pricier than what I’d normally pay. I found four Method 1064ml refills costing just £1.50 each instead of £5 just because they were a bit dirty – how good is that?! You basically use these to fill up your existing bottle. At the moment Method products are 1/3 off in Tesco so I went and bought their Pomegranate liquid a few days later – it looks super stylish!



These washing-up gloves were a steal at 90p instead of £3 and the body puff was 45p instead of £1.50 These were also reduced because they were a bit dirty – easily removed with some soapy water!

I next took a walk past the reduced fruit and veg section. It’s a shame that I don’t eat oranges because there were a lot of them. A really friendly worker came over and let everybody know that he was going to reduce everything further. He said that we could pop things in our baskets and he would make us reduced labels, rather than him pricing each item from the shelf and there being a crazy rush to grab it.

It was nearing 3pm and I took one last look at the reduced refrigerated items. There were still a few bits there, but not reduced any further. While I was taking that last look, a shopper came and picked up the rest. It seems that on this occasion people weren’t so fussed about how much money was taken off, so long as it was something!

FullSizeRender (53).jpg

I paid just £20.86 for this shop and it would have cost £51 full-price! I’m super happy with all of it, especially because it’s a 59% saving!

Has anyone else had some great yellow-sticker bargains recently?


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