Another Tesco Yellow-Sticker Haul!

Following my last yellow-sticker food haul a few Sundays ago, I was really surprised to get some more mark-downs just a few day later.

I’m pretty late in posting this up but I know some people like to see what bargains there are to be had, and I wanted to show you!

This shop was done in a big 24 hour Tesco, just outside of Portsmouth. I popped in on the way up to see my Dad. I normally pick up a few goodies when I’m going that way!

It was about 7pm, and normally by 6pm all the food is reduced for a second time if it hasn’t sold, but this day was different. Perhaps the store was short-staffed, but they didn’t start reducing things further until about half an hour later – by which time I had to go. I still managed to pick up quite a lot though, so I was still a happy bunny.


I picked up this pork leg for £3.74 instead of £5.76. As I was scanning it through the checkout I noticed there was a suspicious-looking hair stuck to meat inside the packaging. I wasn’t going to be a baby about it though! I just sorted it out when I got to my dads. But I hope next time I won’t get an added extra…

Before I actually picked up the pork in the reduced section, I spotted a reduced beef joint. It was looking a bit sad but I thought it’d be okay. I popped it in my basket and continued to browse the shelves. I had a weird feeling that somebody was looking at me and yes, I was right. Instead of telling me that this sad beef had split open and was dripping stuff on my shoes and the floor, they just spectated until it was everywhere! How rude!


The garlic ciabatta cost me just 38p instead of 75p and the piri piri chicken was only 50p instead of £2. I actually cooked the ciabata tonight and to be completely honest it wasn’t as good as normal garlic bread, it was way too hard on the outside – sorry Tesco! This is another reason why I love buying yellow-sticker items: If it sucks, then you haven’t lost a lot of money!


I picked up two packets of beef strips for £1.89 each instead of £3.50 each. Since doing this shop I’ve used up some of the meat – I hate to say it because I normally enjoy the quality of Tesco’s products but this stuff wasn’t great. It was much fattier than it looks in the packet and it was super chewy. Perhaps I just got a bad one?


These parsnips were a great bargain at just 50p instead of £2.


I managed to pick up a few goodies from the ‘3 for £10’ range. Tesco pulled it back with this lot – especially the pork steaks which were really yummy! These were £2 instead of £4, as were the chicken breasts and turkey mince was £2.72 instead of £4.


I’m excited to try these cheese and bacon tarts, especially because they were 38p instead of £1.50 each. They were so cheap, that I bought 3 packets!


And last but not least, another favorite of mine – cheddar and red onion soft pretzels! These were only 30p a pack instead of £1.80 so I had to get all they had! These didn’t last long – I’m addicted to them!

FullSizeRender (55).jpg

Altogether I paid £15.66 for this shop and it should have come to £39.41! That’s a 60% saving and I’m really pleased about it!

I don’t know about you but I always worry about the cost of food. Before I decided to shop the yellow-stickers as much as possible, I relied a lot upon the very, very cheap meat. There’s no shame in buying it, it was fine for me but it’s nice to have fresh meat that isn’t from the value range because you can taste a difference. I know my friends wouldn’t care either way but I always worried about making food for them that might not be the best quality. It’s strange to think now that I eat much better than I ever did, and it costs me less than when I was trying to keep to a weekly budget.

I hope you’ve had some yellow-sticker successes recently?!



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