Bake At Home Millie’s Cookies From Iceland

I don’t think I give Iceland enough credit sometimes. I tend to shop in there every few months, but they do have some great products that I really enjoy. One of those is their range of pizzas – some of the flavor combinations are so tasty!

But I’m not writing about pizzas today, I’m all about cookies – Millie’s Cookies!


Millie’s Cookies are a chain of outlets serving – you guessed it – cookies. They offer a variety of flavors and sizes and they’re something I treat myself to if I’m passing by. Unfortunately for me though, that’s not very often as there isn’t one where I live.

I need not be disappointed anymore though as Iceland are offering ready-to-bake Millie’s Cookies in their stores and online! They come in boxes of six and you can get either: classic milk chocolate chip, white chocolate chip or triple chocolate. They’re normally £3 a box but you can pick up two boxes for a fiver until the 17th of March.

I did the maths and buying a box of 12 cookies from Millie’s Cookies online will set you back £6.99 – I don’t know if the price is different from an outlet. But you basically save about 50p by buying at Iceland. A discount’s still a discount, remember! But if you take advantage of the 2 for £5 offer you’ll save £1.99 which really isn’t bad!

I wanted to give them a go so I bought two packs from Iceland. They look kind of strange before baking – like little square blobs.


But actually, after about 16 minutes in the oven, they turend out pretty good! My final picture isn’t too terrific, but take my word for it – they looked good! They tasted like the real-deal too. I personally love really gooey cookies, so I was able to bake them for as little/long as I wanted to get the desired texture.

FullSizeRender (56).jpg

I’d certainly recommend these to any Millie’s Cookies fans – but I think I’m going to stock up while they’re on offer to make the most of the saving!

Has anyone else tried them, what did you think?




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