Hotel Chocolat Discount Tip!

I recently went on a really fun shopping trip to West Quay in Southampton – there are so many shops and I rarely get the chance to go, so I was excited at the possible bargains I’d discover!

My friend Hollie was really keen to take me into Hotel Chocolat – she’s a big fan but I’ve never tried their products. It’s more because I know I’ll love them and end up buying lots of expensive (but tasty) treats… My budget wouldn’t allow for that because I can never just have one!

When we got into the store we were greeted by a lovely lady and she had an even lovelier tray of salted caramel bunnies. It would have been so rude not to try a free sample and it was possibly the most delicious thing I’ve eaten… Seriously! So, it seems I was already hooked but I really couldn’t justify stocking up as I’ve got lots of other things to buy that I actually need this month.


Hollie encouraged me to take a look at all the different flavors on offer, just to see some of the interesting combinations. Within seconds I was drawn to a packet with a sale sticker – I was not expecting to find that! It turns out that they discount broken chocolate by 30% and that makes it much easier for me to justify treating myself.


The first bar (or slab) I picked up with 30% off was Mississippi Mud Pie, followed by Rocky Road, and even better I found Salted Caramel Creams at 50% off. The caramels weren’t broken or short dated – even the sales assistant couldn’t understand why they were discounted.

I was really quite pleased with myself for finding the bargain chocolates among the rest. The products really are amazing quality and you get what you pay for – I’m sure I will treat myself again on my next visit to Southampton. In case you were wondering – the Mississippi Mud Pie slab was my favorite!

FullSizeRender (65).jpg

Next time you’re in Hotel Chocolat, take a look for the silver stickers – you could save yourself a few quid… I saved myself a little over 35% on the price! The staff are also extremely helpful and welcoming, which I really appreciated too!


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