Coast Sale Picks

I’m a massive fan of Coast, but I often find that I buy most of my dresses and accessories in their sale or outlet shop. Recently I went into one of their regular stores and spotted a beautiful spotty dress – it would be perfect for a special occasion I have coming up! Beside it was a fun fascinator, and together they looked perfect. Unfortunately for me they were both full-price and at the time I just couldn’t afford it.

Coast have recently launched their latest sale, but nothing really jumped out at me – maybe that’s a good thing for my bank balance! A few days later however, I got an email to say that more lines were added. I had a funny feeling that ‘my’ spotty dress was going to be reduced. And you know what? It was! I was thrilled, especially because it was over 50% off the normal price. Because of that saving I also added the fascinator to my online bag – that was in the sale too!


coast dresses 2.jpg

I paid £49 for the dress instead of £109 and £19 instead of £35 for the fascinator.

Although I believe that the items were worth the full price due to their quality, I’m glad I held my nerve – and I didn’t even have to wait that long for the price to go down.

It really does pay to pause and wait before buying something pricey, but there’s always the risk your item will go out of stock. If it’s online, what I always do is add a few of the product to my basket and check back every day to see if the quantity has reduced. You can keep a eye on how much stock is left and if it really is selling fast, you can make the decision to buy it full price if you really can’t live without it.

Here’s my other top picks from the Coast sale that I have my eye on right now!

coast dresses 1.jpg

If you want to check out the sale you can do so here.

Happy shopping everyone!


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