Sweet Treats and More – Free With O2

If you’re on the O2 mobile network and aren’t already signed up to their Priority app – I urge you to do so!

O2 Priory was started in 2011 and basically the network team up with national and local businesses to offer deals, competitions and freebies to their users.


Just last week I picked up this Thornton’s chocolate bunny (worth £3.50) and this ProperCorn popcorn from Boots (worth 80p) – both for free thanks to O2.

I joined the scheme in 2012 and have had so much free stuff since then. This includes free pizzas, drinks, sweets, stationary, make-up, perfume, electrical products, cinema treats and so much more.


Each deal or competition has an expiration date – the length of time you have can vary. When it comes to some offers and freebies, you only have a short length of time to use your code once you’ve hit the ‘redeem’ button. In my experience you get five minutes. It seems like long enough, but if you’re in a queue and stuck behind a customer who is taking forever you could miss out on the offer. You have to time it just right! Other than that though, I’ve never really had any other issues.

Where the free stuff is concerned, you’ll need to act fast – some products ‘sell out’ really quickly- for example, the Thornton’s offers seem to be the most popular in my area!

It’s free to download the app to your phone, and you can also access the offers online here.

Just check back regularly and you could get yourself some awesome freebies!

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