Post-Easter Bargains!

Easter is yet another holiday/celebration where you are guaranteed some good discounts on themed goodies once it’s over and done with! I was working the day after Easter and because the shops had shorter opening hours, I couldn’t see what was reduced to clear. I heard that people got some great stuff though.

Today I was off work, but short of time so I didn’t pop to all of the places that had cute Easter decorations that I wanted – I went with Tesco as that’s where I did my food shop. There was a surprising amount of Easter eggs left, but not so many of the smaller treats. Unfortunately for me there were hardly any decorations on offer, which I was kind of dissapointed about.

It was pretty busy in the store today and the Easter clearance section was just cer-razy! Of course, I love a bargain but I don’t act like my life depends getting one! Some people were pushing others out of the way over a 75p chocolate egg! I took a step back to watch the madness unfold and when I got a chance, picked up a few bits.

A lot of the chocolate was only dated best before June, so I was careful to pick things that had a longer shelf-life. Chocolate is perfectly fine to eat after its ‘best before’, but I wanted to make sure mine kept for as long as possible!

Because of all the craziness and pushing I didn’t get to see the original prices, but here’s what I got and how much I paid!


The mini malteaster bunnies were 50p a packet, as was the packet of Golden galaxy eggs (my new favourite!)


The individual malteaster bunnies were 25p each – so was the Thorntons chocolate and the pack of napkins.

So as you can see, I didn’t get too carried away. I must say though, the way people behaved today was quite shocking and a bit embarrassing. We’ve literally just been stuffing our faces with treats a few days ago – I think some people may have already forgotten! Also, another thing that kind of annoyed me – when I was picking up the bags of malteaster bunnies I had two ladies behind me. One of them said to their friend that I was stupid for buying bags of ‘such tiny sweets’. I wouldn’t say I was stupid, I just like them, so what if they’re not the biggest!? It’s quality not quantity! Perhaps I just have more manners than her… With better taste in chocolate.

Anyway, I think that’s all I’m going to get Easter-wise. This lot is going to last me quite a while! Who else got some reduced bits, what did you get?

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