M&S Sale Buys

I’m fairly new to shopping in Marks and Spencer – it wasn’t until last year when I got a few great reduced bits that I was hooked on popping in every time I passed by.

I don’t know how usual this is, but my local M&S seems to constantly have a sale or a final clearance section. I’ve gotten so many nice bits at such great prices. Today was another lucky day for me!

I went in to look at a cushion but got side tracked by the clearance areas. Today everything was on ‘final sale’ meaning it was reduced as far as it would be, and because of that you can’t return or exchange it. When the prices are this low it’s serious business! Being the weekend it was really crowded and there were lots of ladies out for a bargain with their (somewhat bored/worn out) husbands plodding along behind. I felt a bit sorry for them really, there’s only one chair in the store which was already taken, and so they were getting in other people’s way trying to squeeze through the aisles. Some didn’t know what to do with themselves!

When it comes to browsing messy clothing rails I like to skim through everything quickly picking out a few things and then go back through more thoroughly. Unfortunately though, it was just too busy to get near some of the items.

Nevertheless, I picked up three items – they’re a bit random!

First up is a pair of ‘pull-in’ pants – no picture needed – I don’t think anyone really wants to see a big pair of pants on their screen! I like to keep my wobbly-bits held in so I thought these were great for £2.99 instead of £14.  Stuff like this can be pricey so I snapped them up!


Next up is a bedding set. I’m slowly converting my cheaper duvet covers over to something that feels a little more luxurious. I recently got another M&S bedding set in their sale but I saw this Christmas themed one today for £17.99 instead of £49.50. It’s got a lovely brushed cotton feel to it which will be super cosy in the colder months and the pattern is very ‘me’.


And last but not least – my favourite purchase of the day. These faux suede shorts caught my attention straight away with their vintage feel. The price tag said they were £20 reduced from £35. I wasn’t intending on buying clothes on this trip but after trying them on I couldn’t put them back, especially because they were the last pair. When I got to the till the sales assistant was very pleased to tell me that they were actually reduced to £6.99! Perhaps things had been uneventful up until that point, but it made my day. I’ll be on the hunt next week at the charity shops to find some co-coordinating blouses.

I must say, I really have been pleasantly surprised by Marks’ and I hope there are more bargains to come!

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