Five Easy Ways To Lower Your Utility Bills

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Today I want to share some tips that can help anyone save a little money off of their utility bills. These may seem pretty simple, but when I was a student I wish I knew these. Remember, we all have to start somewhere!

Shower instead of bathe.

Some people love their baths, but by showering instead you’d use around 50% less water. Over time the savings can really add up, especially if you’ve got a number of people in the same home. So if you’re not that bothered, switching could be for you!

Add layers before turning on the heating.

It’s all too easy to switch on the heating when it’s chilly, but I’ve learnt that it’s not always necessary. Putting on a few extra clothes can really make the difference. I normally wear dresses and cardigans, but at home in the winter I’ll wear a long-sleeved top underneath my outfit, or a jumper over the top. Wearing a cosy hat can also help warm you up in no time – trust me!

Turn your radiators off when you don’t need them.

I used to have my boiler settings to heat the water and radiators all year round and I never really thought anything of it. I rent, and right now the thermostat is up the creek – the heating turns itself on during the day while I’m at work and I just can’t get it to stop. It took me a while to realise why my gas bill was so high! To ensure the heating doesn’t come on, I change on the settings on my boiler and turn the radiators off. My bills went right down after that!

Don’t wash your dishes straight away.

I’m a massive clean-freak and love a tidy home. I used to wash-up straight after I used something, which to me made perfect sense. It wasn’t until I realised just how much extra water I was using – filling the sink up to four times a day – that I decided to change my routine. Now I wash up one or twice a day, and it’s helped save on my water bills.

Check your tariff/supplier.

Unfortunately for me, my rental agreement stipulates that I can’t change my energy supplier. I’m not sure if that’s common but if you can change your supplier or tariff, then you could make some great savings. There are plenty of price comparison sites around which can help you, and some companies offer tariffs which have lower charges when you use your electricity between certain times.

If any of these tips have been helpful, please let me know! If you have any others that you’d like to share, you can do so in the comments section.




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