A Little Biscuit Recipe!


I don’t know about you, but there once was a time (many years ago I might add) where I didn’t look so fondly towards own-brand products. Why is that? You might wonder- well, I’m not quite sure myself. Value products have been looked down upon in the past by so many people – I remember if I did buy a cheaper version of something, I’d make sure it was hidden amongst the rest of my shopping cart so nobody saw. Nowadays though, I find myself buying mostly own-brand products and I’m proud of how much money I’m saving for doing so. Supermarkets have also become pretty savvy themselves by widening their ranges and revamping their packing from drab to fab to try and entice us.

One thing I love to use value products for is baking. I call myself a wobbly baker, meaning that the finished products don’t exactly look like the pictures in the books or on Pinterest, but they still taste pretty great! I find that people really can’t tell th difference between when I’ve used branded and own-branded ingredients.

I would love to share with you my Jazzy Sandwich Biscuit recipe that I’ve created. I used Tesco own-brand items where they were available and as you can see, I got quite a few things. This is a super-simple recipe, so it’s great for beginners and all of my fellow wobbly-bakers.


For the biscuits you will need:

4oz of plain flour

4oz of butter

2oz of sugar

1tsp of vanilla essence

1oz of cocoa powder

1 tub of sprinkles

Food colouring is optional – I found some in my cupboard so decided to use it!

Preheat your oven to 180°C and grease your baking tray. Cream the sugar, butter and vanilla essence together in a bowl. Add the flour and cocoa to the creamed ingredients.

If you want to use food colouring like I did: Don’t add the cocoa powder otherwise the colour won’t show up. Use gel colouring for the best results and add it as you beat the mixture.

Beat the mixture until it comes a dough-like consistency – add a splash of milk if you need to loosen up the mixture a little. Finish kneading the dough with your hands, and split it into balls.


Pop the, onto your greased baking try and cook for 20 minutes on the middle shelf of your oven. Once your biscuits are done, leave them out to cool completely, before adding your filling.

For the butter cream you will need:

4oz of softened butter

6oz of icing sugar

2oz of cocoa powder

Beat the butter and icing sugar together until creamed. When you are happy with the consistency, add the cocoa powder. You may find that an electric whisk is much quicker and saves your arms from getting tired! Once you’re made your filling, spread an even layer of it onto a biscuit and place another on top. Pour some sprinkles into a bowl and dip the sides to ensure the butter cream is coated. And finally, display your jazzy sandwich biscuits in an equally decorative way!

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe. If you use a value product that you think is the bees knees then let me know, I’d love to hear from you!


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