Be Savvy Like Me and Make The Most of QVC!

I don’t know about you, but I never used to have the most positive view of QVC – I thought of it as a place that sold extravagant and useless products. When I was in my late teens I’d return home drunk from the pub and sit eating my take-away watching the sales channel, failing to be convinced by any of the demonstrations.

Fast-forward ten years to now and I’ve got to admit that my opinion has changed somewhat. Sure, there are still products they sell that I wouldn’t ever consider useful, but when it comes to make-up, I think they have it right.

QVC tend to stock brands that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in England. There’s a few products demonstrated on YouTube by American beauty bloggers that I’ve been eager to get my hands on. Unfortunately though, they’re not easily available in the UK – that was until I realised QVC stocked them. These products aren’t cheap in comparison to drugstore brands but sometimes you get what you pay for. That said, if the products weren’t right for my skin then I would be stuck with them and out of pocket, right? Wrong! Unlike other places, QVC offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all products which includes make-up that you’ve used. It was such a great returns policy that I just had to go for it!



I ended up buying the Doll 10 contour kit and the Tartist by Tarte lip ‘wardrobe’. Luckily for me, I was really happy with my purchases but even if I wasn’t, I’d still get my money back.

I really wish other retailers had the same returns policy on makeup as QVC does – I’ve heard that in other countries it’s pretty standard to be able to return cosmetics that don’t suit you. Fingers crossed that will change in the future over here, but at least for now, I know where to go if I want to try a product before fully committing to it!

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