I Found Soap and Glory For 50p!

I’m a massive fan of Soap and Glory – in particular their bath and body products. They’re available only in Boots and it’s the type of thing I’d buy as a treat with my points.

Untitled design (1).jpg

I popped into Boots the other day to pick up a few essentials and I made my usual trip past their reduced section. I spotted a Clean, Girls bodywash on the shelf and hurried over to it – I thought it might have been put there by mistake, but no! I turned it around to see that it was just 50p! It’s only a travel size but at full price it’s £2.50 – some times the smallest bargains are the best ones – it always pays to check out the reduced-to-clear bits!

I’m super pleased with this little find! The Clean, Girls bodywash is so bubbly, creamy and it smells amazing!

Has anyone else found some good reduced items recently!?

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