The Shop That Changed My Life Forever!

Can any of my fellow bargain hunters remember the moment that they found their bargain-hunting groove?!

I’ve always loved a sale but after moving out and living on my own in 2014 I was extremely conscious of what I spent – literally right down to the penny! I hadn’t really considered shopping in the reduced section and instead stuck to a strict shopping list and bought the cheapest versions of things that I could. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this and I still do it!

For me, my shopping routine all changed on the evening of the 11th August 2014. I was on my way up to visit my Dad – there’s a pretty large Tesco right by his house and I popped in to pick up some shopping. I was approaching the end of the aisle where the reduced produce is kept and I felt the urge to go and have a proper look at what was there. To my complete surprise I found three packs of meat – all £4 reduced to 80p. I was utterly thrilled with this but when I scanned them in at the self-service, I couldn’t believe my luck! I actually thought there was a glitch, I was expecting a member of staff to come over and tell me there was a mistake. The till took £2 off as the ‘3 for £10’ offer still worked. So instead of paying £2.40, I paid just 40p!


That evening, it was like a light-bulb went off in my head and ever since then I’ve done my food shopping at the same time the produce gets reduced. I make meals from what I find and top the rest up with budget items. I became so savvy with yellow-sticker food that I upgraded my tiny freezer to a large one so that I can freeze my bargains to eat another time!

Shopping in the reduced-to-clear section really has changed my life – not only financially but also with what I eat. I eat better than I ever have done and it’s made me much more adventurous with trying different food.

It’s funny how something seemingly insignificant to many can actually be a life-changer to others. I now apply my food-shopping principles to every aspect of my life and I save money (and make money) in any way I can to achieve my goal of owning my own home one day!


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