‘Secret’ 15% Discount at Schuh

Recently I discovered a great little discount at Schuh that I think might interest you (ohh that rhymes!)

I’m not one to normally spend a lot on shoes, but I’ve had my eye on two pairs of converse that I just couldn’t leave behind. I really wanted to treat myself, so I searched the internet for any voucher code I could get my hands on. Unfortunately though, there was nothing, so I decided to just buy one pair.


About a week after my purchase I received an email from Schuh to say I could get 15% off my next purchase if I reviewed the trainers I’d bought. I couldn’t resist the chance to get the other pair at a discount, so I left a review and once it was verified I was emailed the code.


My new shoes!

It was as simple as that! So if there’s a few pairs of shoes you like, don’t buy them all at once, do them separately if you can resist the temptation – it will save you a good few quid!


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