How Would You React Losing Out On A Bargain!?

Yesterday I was in Tesco and did my usual rounds of the reduced sections. It seemed as if the tinned food/household bargains had just been topped up and there was loads to rifle through. I was about halfway through when another shopper came running up to the shelves and loudly started shouting ‘NO, NO, NO!’. I turned round to see her frantically searching for a reduced item that I can only assume that she didn’t put in her basket earlier and regretted it. It was weird to see someone get so crazy over a bargain, especially something from a supermarket – it can’t have been something that expensive in the first place. I saw her looking in my trolley and I stated to think I’d picked up whatever it was she wanted – I hadn’t – phew! Not that I would have given it to her anyway… Finders keepers! Anyway, the woman then proceeded to crazily push items off the shelf in a bid to find whatever she was looking for. I’ve never seen anything quiet like it!

It got me thinking – would I ever get that wound up over missing out on a bargain? The answer for me is: No, not really. Sure, it’s super frustrating, especially when I’ve missed out on something that would save me a lot of money but it’s not the end of the world.

Unlike the lady yesterday, I did manage to pick up a few bits in the reduced-to-clear section… Here’s what I got!

FullSizeRender (82).jpg

I picked up a pack of Ariel 3in1 for £2.25 instead of £4.50, a pack of Bold 2in1 for £3.50 instead of £7 and also a bag of Finish dishwasher tablets for £3 rather than £6!

Have you seen someone act crazy over reduced products? Let me know in the comments below if you eve have!

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