Buy One Get One Half Price At Holland & Barrett

I’m not normally one to go into Holland and Barrett as I’ve always seen it as a shop full of protein powders. A very long time ago I actually worked for their sister stores – GNC – and I was never keen on the products we sold. That said, I was walking past and fancied something healthy to snack on and I spotted a sign with their ‘buy one get one half price’ offer. I had a browse and was actually really impressed with what they sold!


I didn’t end up buying quite such healthy things but I did get some yummy treats at a discount!

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Trapped In A Lift While Bargain Hunting!

Two Sundays ago I’d planned to do a little yellow-sticker shopping to top up my freezer. It was a gloriously sunny day and in the town where I live there were a number of events on, so I thought that my local Tesco would be pretty dead. In my mind this would hopefully equal lots of highly reduced food.

I set off at 2pm, the shop is only a 5 minute drive up the road and I was feeling pretty confident. This Tesco is a new fancy one which has a travelator and a lift that takes you up to the main floor. I almost took the travelator but at the last second I changed my mind.

I was in the lift with a few other customers – I pressed the button and off we went. Or so I thought. After the doors shut nothing happened! Eventually we started to move upwards… And then suddenly we dropped down. I felt like I was on a real-life Tower of Terror ride. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a drop but it became apparent that we were very much stuck in the lift. Although it was a bit scary, I pressed the alarm button and we thought we’d soon be rescued. I pressed it again. And again. And again. No one responded and I started to panic a little! It was really hot and I was feeling faint – I did not want to pass out but I sure felt like I was going to. We got our our mobiles to try and call the store but none of us had signal. The guy in the lift with us tried to force the door open, but to avail. I know it’s dramatic, but I thought we’d never be found and die in there! One of the ladies in the lift started to press all of the buttons again – I’m not sure if it was that or the lift just started to behave itself, but we finally moved upwards again and got out. Nobody on the outside seemed to have a clue that we were stuck in there!

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Back To Bargains

do mundo.jpg


For anyone that checks my blog regularly or is subscribed to my email list, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted anything new in almost two weeks – that’s quite some time! And for the super eagle-eyed, you will have also seen that I’ve been posting less over the past month or so.

It’s not been intentional and I’m still bargain hunting, but I’ve recently been knocked out of my usual routine by my heath condition. I wont go into great detail because that’s not the topic of my site but as part of my illness I suffer with what I can only describe as super chronic fatigue. I’m always in pain and tired, but over the past few months I feel like I’ve been trampled by elephants and dragged backwards to Timbuktu all while feeling like I’ve got a massive hangover. So with that and just about managing to go into my ‘day job’, I normally flake out on the couch when I get in most evenings and play catch-up on my days off to feel a little more normal.

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A Little Biscuit Recipe!


I don’t know about you, but there once was a time (many years ago I might add) where I didn’t look so fondly towards own-brand products. Why is that? You might wonder- well, I’m not quite sure myself. Value products have been looked down upon in the past by so many people – I remember if I did buy a cheaper version of something, I’d make sure it was hidden amongst the rest of my shopping cart so nobody saw. Nowadays though, I find myself buying mostly own-brand products and I’m proud of how much money I’m saving for doing so. Supermarkets have also become pretty savvy themselves by widening their ranges and revamping their packing from drab to fab to try and entice us.

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Surprise Yellow-Sticker Finds

It feels like such a long time since I’ve done a good yellow-sticker haul! I swear that the best finds happen when you least expect them to. I popped into Tesco today purely to pick up some BBQ sauce and brioche buns to make pulled pork burgers- I promised myself I’d only be 5 minutes especially because I had just realised that I’d left candles lit at home and I was imaging returning to a burnt-down flat…

I restrained myself from looking at the two main reduced-to-clear areas which have fresh food, but I just so happened to pass by the ‘other-stuff’ clearance shelf. There were so many things that they had to put one of those tall trolleys piled high right next to it. I noticed some BBQ sauce reduced -that sucked me in to looking at everything else! There was another lady who, like me had a basket that became over-flowing. She was really kind and got us a trolley each. The discounts were really good in this section, I think because of the huge amount of stock they wanted to clear quickly.

By the time I had finished making my choices, there were quite a few people around. I saw one lady pick up a case (a box full of boxes) of Cadbury fingers which were reduced to 30p each… I don’t blame her, it’s a great deal!

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Post-Easter Bargains!

Easter is yet another holiday/celebration where you are guaranteed some good discounts on themed goodies once it’s over and done with! I was working the day after Easter and because the shops had shorter opening hours, I couldn’t see what was reduced to clear. I heard that people got some great stuff though.

Today I was off work, but short of time so I didn’t pop to all of the places that had cute Easter decorations that I wanted – I went with Tesco as that’s where I did my food shop. There was a surprising amount of Easter eggs left, but not so many of the smaller treats. Unfortunately for me there were hardly any decorations on offer, which I was kind of dissapointed about.

It was pretty busy in the store today and the Easter clearance section was just cer-razy! Of course, I love a bargain but I don’t act like my life depends getting one! Some people were pushing others out of the way over a 75p chocolate egg! I took a step back to watch the madness unfold and when I got a chance, picked up a few bits.

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A Thrifty Easter Treat!

Like many others, at Easter I make corn-flake ‘nests’ – I don’t remember a year that I haven’t made them! They’re so easy to do and you can go to town on the decorating if you’re all about the aesthetics. I’m much more of a ‘bare minimum’ type-person in the presentation department, but taste is very important.

I’d normally use Kelloggs cornflakes, Cadbury mini eggs and some kind of branded chocolate to make my treats, but this year I thought I’d go a bit more budget.


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Hotel Chocolat Discount Tip!

I recently went on a really fun shopping trip to West Quay in Southampton – there are so many shops and I rarely get the chance to go, so I was excited at the possible bargains I’d discover!

My friend Hollie was really keen to take me into Hotel Chocolat – she’s a big fan but I’ve never tried their products. It’s more because I know I’ll love them and end up buying lots of expensive (but tasty) treats… My budget wouldn’t allow for that because I can never just have one!

When we got into the store we were greeted by a lovely lady and she had an even lovelier tray of salted caramel bunnies. It would have been so rude not to try a free sample and it was possibly the most delicious thing I’ve eaten… Seriously! So, it seems I was already hooked but I really couldn’t justify stocking up as I’ve got lots of other things to buy that I actually need this month.

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Bake At Home Millie’s Cookies From Iceland

I don’t think I give Iceland enough credit sometimes. I tend to shop in there every few months, but they do have some great products that I really enjoy. One of those is their range of pizzas – some of the flavor combinations are so tasty!

But I’m not writing about pizzas today, I’m all about cookies – Millie’s Cookies!


Millie’s Cookies are a chain of outlets serving – you guessed it – cookies. They offer a variety of flavors and sizes and they’re something I treat myself to if I’m passing by. Unfortunately for me though, that’s not very often as there isn’t one where I live.

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Another Tesco Yellow-Sticker Haul!

Following my last yellow-sticker food haul a few Sundays ago, I was really surprised to get some more mark-downs just a few day later.

I’m pretty late in posting this up but I know some people like to see what bargains there are to be had, and I wanted to show you!

This shop was done in a big 24 hour Tesco, just outside of Portsmouth. I popped in on the way up to see my Dad. I normally pick up a few goodies when I’m going that way!

It was about 7pm, and normally by 6pm all the food is reduced for a second time if it hasn’t sold, but this day was different. Perhaps the store was short-staffed, but they didn’t start reducing things further until about half an hour later – by which time I had to go. I still managed to pick up quite a lot though, so I was still a happy bunny.

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