I Found Soap and Glory For 50p!

I’m a massive fan of Soap and Glory – in particular their bath and body products. They’re available only in Boots and it’s the type of thing I’d buy as a treat with my points.

Untitled design (1).jpg

I popped into Boots the other day to pick up a few essentials and I made my usual trip past their reduced section. I spotted a Clean, Girls bodywash on the shelf and hurried over to it – I thought it might have been put there by mistake, but no! I turned it around to see that it was just 50p! It’s only a travel size but at full price it’s £2.50 – some times the smallest bargains are the best ones – it always pays to check out the reduced-to-clear bits!

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Be Savvy Like Me and Make The Most of QVC!

I don’t know about you, but I never used to have the most positive view of QVC – I thought of it as a place that sold extravagant and useless products. When I was in my late teens I’d return home drunk from the pub and sit eating my take-away watching the sales channel, failing to be convinced by any of the demonstrations.

Fast-forward ten years to now and I’ve got to admit that my opinion has changed somewhat. Sure, there are still products they sell that I wouldn’t ever consider useful, but when it comes to make-up, I think they have it right.

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Back To Bargains

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For anyone that checks my blog regularly or is subscribed to my email list, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted anything new in almost two weeks – that’s quite some time! And for the super eagle-eyed, you will have also seen that I’ve been posting less over the past month or so.

It’s not been intentional and I’m still bargain hunting, but I’ve recently been knocked out of my usual routine by my heath condition. I wont go into great detail because that’s not the topic of my site but as part of my illness I suffer with what I can only describe as super chronic fatigue. I’m always in pain and tired, but over the past few months I feel like I’ve been trampled by elephants and dragged backwards to Timbuktu all while feeling like I’ve got a massive hangover. So with that and just about managing to go into my ‘day job’, I normally flake out on the couch when I get in most evenings and play catch-up on my days off to feel a little more normal.

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A Little Biscuit Recipe!


I don’t know about you, but there once was a time (many years ago I might add) where I didn’t look so fondly towards own-brand products. Why is that? You might wonder- well, I’m not quite sure myself. Value products have been looked down upon in the past by so many people – I remember if I did buy a cheaper version of something, I’d make sure it was hidden amongst the rest of my shopping cart so nobody saw. Nowadays though, I find myself buying mostly own-brand products and I’m proud of how much money I’m saving for doing so. Supermarkets have also become pretty savvy themselves by widening their ranges and revamping their packing from drab to fab to try and entice us.

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My M&S Sale Top Picks

It seems Marks and Spencer have lots of mini sales and they’re at it once again! They’re currently offering 50% off on selected Womens, Mens, Childrens and Homeware items and the selection this time around is pretty great!

Here’s what I’m loving from their sale, and hoping to buy come payday if they’re still in stock!

The Denim Playsuit

Denim Playsuit

This playsuit will be perfect for the warmer months, worn over a t-shirt or blouse. It was £39.50, reduced to £19.75.

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Amefa Cutlery 85% Off!

If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know that I’m super organised when it comes to buying presents and I do so in advance via the sales and clearance sections. I’ll make a list of things that I hope to pick up so that I don’t stray too far from my budget. One of the things I really wanted to get both my Mum and Dad was a nice cutlery set for each of their homes. When I was shopping in the Christmas sales for this years gifts, I didn’t come across any so I bought other things instead. Strangely though, I was drawn to an Amefa cutlery set which was £50. Although it was full price when I first saw it, I had a hunch that I should keep an eye on it. Sometimes when I pop into Tesco I’d go down that aisle… Just to check if the price changed. Since January they’ve been reduced on and off by 50% on a special promotion, but seeing as I’m already set for gifts for my parents this year, I wasn’t drawn in by the discount.


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Surprise Yellow-Sticker Finds

It feels like such a long time since I’ve done a good yellow-sticker haul! I swear that the best finds happen when you least expect them to. I popped into Tesco today purely to pick up some BBQ sauce and brioche buns to make pulled pork burgers- I promised myself I’d only be 5 minutes especially because I had just realised that I’d left candles lit at home and I was imaging returning to a burnt-down flat…

I restrained myself from looking at the two main reduced-to-clear areas which have fresh food, but I just so happened to pass by the ‘other-stuff’ clearance shelf. There were so many things that they had to put one of those tall trolleys piled high right next to it. I noticed some BBQ sauce reduced -that sucked me in to looking at everything else! There was another lady who, like me had a basket that became over-flowing. She was really kind and got us a trolley each. The discounts were really good in this section, I think because of the huge amount of stock they wanted to clear quickly.

By the time I had finished making my choices, there were quite a few people around. I saw one lady pick up a case (a box full of boxes) of Cadbury fingers which were reduced to 30p each… I don’t blame her, it’s a great deal!

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Debenhams Beauty Card Glitch!?

Did you know you can spend your Debenhams Beauty card points on more than just makeup!?

debs glitch.jpg

I’ve been a cardholder for many years and I’ve always been led to believe that you could only redeem your points on beauty products. It does make sense, given that it’s a beauty card!

Well, that’s correct if you’re using it in-store but I’ve recently discovered that you can use your points against anything online. It might be glitch but I was able to use 500 points against a dress, meaning I got £5 off. I was really glad about it as I’m not looking to buy more makeup anytime soon – I’ve got enough!

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M&S Sale Buys

I’m fairly new to shopping in Marks and Spencer – it wasn’t until last year when I got a few great reduced bits that I was hooked on popping in every time I passed by.

I don’t know how usual this is, but my local M&S seems to constantly have a sale or a final clearance section. I’ve gotten so many nice bits at such great prices. Today was another lucky day for me!

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