A Little Biscuit Recipe!


I don’t know about you, but there once was a time (many years ago I might add) where I didn’t look so fondly towards own-brand products. Why is that? You might wonder- well, I’m not quite sure myself. Value products have been looked down upon in the past by so many people – I remember if I did buy a cheaper version of something, I’d make sure it was hidden amongst the rest of my shopping cart so nobody saw. Nowadays though, I find myself buying mostly own-brand products and I’m proud of how much money I’m saving for doing so. Supermarkets have also become pretty savvy themselves by widening their ranges and revamping their packing from drab to fab to try and entice us.

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A Thrifty Easter Treat!

Like many others, at Easter I make corn-flake ‘nests’ – I don’t remember a year that I haven’t made them! They’re so easy to do and you can go to town on the decorating if you’re all about the aesthetics. I’m much more of a ‘bare minimum’ type-person in the presentation department, but taste is very important.

I’d normally use Kelloggs cornflakes, Cadbury mini eggs and some kind of branded chocolate to make my treats, but this year I thought I’d go a bit more budget.


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Bake At Home Millie’s Cookies From Iceland

I don’t think I give Iceland enough credit sometimes. I tend to shop in there every few months, but they do have some great products that I really enjoy. One of those is their range of pizzas – some of the flavor combinations are so tasty!

But I’m not writing about pizzas today, I’m all about cookies – Millie’s Cookies!


Millie’s Cookies are a chain of outlets serving – you guessed it – cookies. They offer a variety of flavors and sizes and they’re something I treat myself to if I’m passing by. Unfortunately for me though, that’s not very often as there isn’t one where I live.

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Festive Cake Pop Kit Review

I made a second festive review video and this time it was for Asda’s Christmas Tree Cake Pop kit. It was really fun to make the video as well as the cake pops!

I really hope you enjoy watching it – I want to make some more videos really soon so subscribe to my channel if you want to keep up with my latest posts!

Again, a massive thank you to my friend Amy who was behind the camera and also helped with the construction!