20p Shower Gels At Asda!

If you’re passing by Asda any time soon, I’d recommend popping in and hurrying to the bathing aisle. The supermarket is currently selling selected own-brand shower gels for just 20p instead of their usual price of 75p. I’m not 100% sure why this is, but someone that worked there suggested they might have been discontinued.

The first time I went to my local Asda they actually didn’t have any, but low and behold, this week they did! It was super busy in the store when I went and I did get a few strange looks when I cleared the shelf of what was there – but who cares when you’re getting a bargain. The guy working on the checkout was really impressed with my haul!

FullSizeRender (83).jpg

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How Would You React Losing Out On A Bargain!?

Yesterday I was in Tesco and did my usual rounds of the reduced sections. It seemed as if the tinned food/household bargains had just been topped up and there was loads to rifle through. I was about halfway through when another shopper came running up to the shelves and loudly started shouting ‘NO, NO, NO!’. I turned round to see her frantically searching for a reduced item that I can only assume that she didn’t put in her basket earlier and regretted it. It was weird to see someone get so crazy over a bargain, especially something from a supermarket – it can’t have been something that expensive in the first place. I saw her looking in my trolley and I stated to think I’d picked up whatever it was she wanted – I hadn’t – phew! Not that I would have given it to her anyway… Finders keepers! Anyway, the woman then proceeded to crazily push items off the shelf in a bid to find whatever she was looking for. I’ve never seen anything quiet like it!

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My M&S Sale Haul Video

My latest video is up on YouTube! This time I’m showing everyone my December sale bargains from Marks and Spencer – I think I got some pretty good stuff!

If you like anything you see in the video, then you should check out the M&S sale online and in-store as there’s still so many great things to be had at over half price off!

New Years Eve Shopping Fail!

This post has taken a bit longer to write up than I had intended, but I thought I’d still go ahead and post it for everyone to read.

I had been debating whether or not to take a trip to the shops on New Years Eve – I was in two minds: Would it be a great time to pick up yellow sticker bargains like on Christmas Eve? Or would be like any other evening in the clearance section?

The stores shut at 7pm that evening so I decided on having a quick scoot around – I didn’t want to be out for long because the weather was pretty rubbish and all I wanted to do was get home and be cosy before embarking on my NYE plans. So I jumped into my car at 5pm and off I went.

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First December Sales Haul Video!

Since I’ve got so much stuff in the December sales over the past week or so, I wanted to share with you all what I had got! Most of my purchases are gifts for other people for throughout 2016 – but I did have a little splurge on myself. I thought the best way to show everything was via a number of YouTube videos.

I’m still getting to grips with making and editing videos but I hope that you enjoy watching me talk about what I got and what savings I made!

If you’ve picked up some bargains I would love to read about it in the comments… Do you also take advantage of the Christmas sales to pick up presents for the following year?

Festive Cake Pop Kit Review

I made a second festive review video and this time it was for Asda’s Christmas Tree Cake Pop kit. It was really fun to make the video as well as the cake pops!

I really hope you enjoy watching it – I want to make some more videos really soon so subscribe to my channel if you want to keep up with my latest posts!

Again, a massive thank you to my friend Amy who was behind the camera and also helped with the construction!

Cheapest Dolce Gusto Mini Me!

I wanted to write up a quick post about my newest toy… the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me! I think I got the best deal currently available so if you’re looking to get one, carry on reading…

For a while I’ve been interested in these little machines, but I’m not the biggest fan of coffee. After a catch up at a friends house, I discovered that it does hot chocolate too (regular hot choc and caramel hot choc)!


I was doing a bit of food shopping in Tesco the other night and saw that the red and grey version of Mini Me was reduced to £34.50 which is £5 cheaper than it was in there a few days ago. I was feeling quite tempted so had a play around with the display model. When I looked closer at the display I noticed that there were £5 off vouchers sellotaped to some of the boxes.

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Yellow Sticker Haul

I actually did this shop about a week ago but I’ve been super busy in the run up to Christmas that I haven’t had time to put it up.

I went to my two local supermarkets – Asda and Tesco and it was about 9.30pm on a Thursday – I was coming home from seeing some friends so it made sense to pop in.

I haven’t quite mastered what time Asda reduces their food but I still managed to get a few bits!

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Cute Non-Traditional Christmas Tree for £5!

At the moment B&Q have some good online exclusive discounts on Christmas lighting and one of their items includes a 2ft 7in rattan tree with lights already included. It’s super glittery and has some sweet little ‘snow dusted’ pine cones. The best thing about it is that it’s only £5!! It was originally £28, so that’s a 82% saving!


I didn’t think that this little bargain could get any better but shipping was free too! I’m not sure why or how but when you buy this tree they give you FREE next day delivery!

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Fuss-Free Christmas Dinner for £10!

For about a week or so I’ve been looking forward to the 16th of December and that is because this is the day that the Co-Op launches it’s ‘£10 Christmas frozen dinner’ meal deal.


There’s been a lot of buzz about it on social media and I did wonder if it was too good to be true. All of the products are frozen and includes: A Bernard Matthews turkey crown, Aunt Bessie’s roast potatoes, Aunt Bessie’s roast parsnips, Aunt Bessie’s 12 Yorkshire puddings, Co-Ops own brand button sprouts (apparently the Aunt Bessie’s version are included in the offer, but my store didn’t stock them), Aunt Bessie’s stuffing balls and a Vienetta ice-cream.

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