I’m On Instagram!

I’ve recently been loving Instagram and I finally decided to sign up for my own account. I was a bit dubious because I really didn’t feel like I needed another social media outlet, but I soon realised that it’s actually a great way to share more with you guys! Due to my ‘real-life’ job I’m not able to upload blog posts as much as I’d like, but on Instagram it’s easy to upload a snap of my latest bargains, freebies or tips.

instagram page

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Surprise Yellow-Sticker Finds

It feels like such a long time since I’ve done a good yellow-sticker haul! I swear that the best finds happen when you least expect them to. I popped into Tesco today purely to pick up some BBQ sauce and brioche buns to make pulled pork burgers- I promised myself I’d only be 5 minutes especially because I had just realised that I’d left candles lit at home and I was imaging returning to a burnt-down flat…

I restrained myself from looking at the two main reduced-to-clear areas which have fresh food, but I just so happened to pass by the ‘other-stuff’ clearance shelf. There were so many things that they had to put one of those tall trolleys piled high right next to it. I noticed some BBQ sauce reduced -that sucked me in to looking at everything else! There was another lady who, like me had a basket that became over-flowing. She was really kind and got us a trolley each. The discounts were really good in this section, I think because of the huge amount of stock they wanted to clear quickly.

By the time I had finished making my choices, there were quite a few people around. I saw one lady pick up a case (a box full of boxes) of Cadbury fingers which were reduced to 30p each… I don’t blame her, it’s a great deal!

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Make The Most Of Tesco Clubcard!

For a long time I went without a Tesco Clubcard because I didn’t think it would be worth it. When I shop in Tesco it’s normally on reduced items so my spend doesn’t equate to many points.

I actually ended up getting their points card to be able to quality for the Tesco Orchard product testing program, and now I always use it when I shop!

FullSizeRender (58).jpg

I was pleasantly surprised to get a voucher through the door the other day for £3 from Tesco, which I ‘earned’ with my points. Although it’s low value I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at it!

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My M&S Sale Haul Video

My latest video is up on YouTube! This time I’m showing everyone my December sale bargains from Marks and Spencer – I think I got some pretty good stuff!

If you like anything you see in the video, then you should check out the M&S sale online and in-store as there’s still so many great things to be had at over half price off!