A Thrifty Easter Treat!

Like many others, at Easter I make corn-flake ‘nests’ – I don’t remember a year that I haven’t made them! They’re so easy to do and you can go to town on the decorating if you’re all about the aesthetics. I’m much more of a ‘bare minimum’ type-person in the presentation department, but taste is very important.

I’d normally use Kelloggs cornflakes, Cadbury mini eggs and some kind of branded chocolate to make my treats, but this year I thought I’d go a bit more budget.


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Asda’s Wonky Veg Box

Yesterday Asda launched something that got me very excited: The ‘Wonky Veg’ Box.


The Wonky Veg Box is what it says it is – a box of all the vegetables that would normally be shunned by the big supermarkets. And the best bit is that it’s sold for less than what the normal veg costs!

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