Surprise Yellow-Sticker Finds

It feels like such a long time since I’ve done a good yellow-sticker haul! I swear that the best finds happen when you least expect them to. I popped into Tesco today purely to pick up some BBQ sauce and brioche buns to make pulled pork burgers- I promised myself I’d only be 5 minutes especially because I had just realised that I’d left candles lit at home and I was imaging returning to a burnt-down flat…

I restrained myself from looking at the two main reduced-to-clear areas which have fresh food, but I just so happened to pass by the ‘other-stuff’ clearance shelf. There were so many things that they had to put one of those tall trolleys piled high right next to it. I noticed some BBQ sauce reduced -that sucked me in to looking at everything else! There was another lady who, like me had a basket that became over-flowing. She was really kind and got us a trolley each. The discounts were really good in this section, I think because of the huge amount of stock they wanted to clear quickly.

By the time I had finished making my choices, there were quite a few people around. I saw one lady pick up a case (a box full of boxes) of Cadbury fingers which were reduced to 30p each… I don’t blame her, it’s a great deal!

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Read My Guest Post On!

Daily Outfit, Candice DeVilleA short while ago a wrote a post for Creating My Happiness – CMH is a fantastic website with useful posts on all aspects of life written by the owner, Stacey, as well as other bloggers.

I was thrilled when I found out I’d be featured and so I got to work on writing about what I know best: saving money.

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The Bargain Bunny On TV!

This evening I conquered a fear of mine and that fear was appearing on television. I didn’t realise just how camera shy I was until I was actually invited to be on a show. I was brave and decided to go with it! After all, the whole point of me having this blog was to inspire other people – so why not extend that TV? Plus I was on the radio recently and that’s half way to television… Right!?

FullSizeRender (38).jpg

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My M&S Sale Haul Video

My latest video is up on YouTube! This time I’m showing everyone my December sale bargains from Marks and Spencer – I think I got some pretty good stuff!

If you like anything you see in the video, then you should check out the M&S sale online and in-store as there’s still so many great things to be had at over half price off!

Filofax Bargain At John Lewis!

If you don’t already know, John Lewis’ clearance sale ends on the 17th of January. With this in mind I popped down to my local store. I’ve been really lucky and got some great bits in their sale which I’m putting by as presents. I’ve yet to upload my video and other posts showing what I got – so keep an eye out!

A few weeks back when the sale first bargain, I eyed up their selection of discounted Filofaxes. I’ve got a thing for stationary – in particular personal organisers. There was a really pretty turquoise and pink Filofax that I thought would make a lovely gift, but after checking the price tag I gave it a miss and put it back on the shelf.


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Great TRESemmé Discount!

Tonight while I was browsing, I noticed that they had half off selected hair care. Some of these products include the TRESemmé range of shampoos. TRESemmé are my go-to hair care brand as I find that their ‘Moisture Rich’ range does wonders for my hair, plus it’s also competitively priced. Another bonus is that it’s normally on sale every few months. When the prices do drop I  stock up on about 4 or 5 bottles – it lasts ages and I make a good saving.

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