Charity Shop Finds

One thing I like to do is take a look around my local charity shops. It can be hit and miss at times, but when you do find something good it’s generally cheaper than you’d get elsewhere and you’re helping out a good cause at the same time.

Charity shopping definitely requires patience. It involves a whole lot of rummaging – not everything is put in size order and you might find things on the wrong hangers too. If you have the time to really look around though, you’ll get some great finds.

Some people look for items that they can re-sell for a profit. I used to do this. I once had a lot of spare time and even volunteered in a charity shop, which meant I got to snap up the best things as soon as they hit the shelves.

Nowadays I’m just too busy to keep that up but I still like to look around for myself. I love to shop for clothes and I save a lot of money by buying second hand. It also means I can get more!

Here’s what I got on my most recent charity shop trip…


I got this 100% cashmere cardigan from Sue Ryder for £3.95. I cannot get over how soft it is!


This Monsoon cardigan was £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation. I always wear cardigans and I didn’t have one in this colour. I love the sleeves and it looks as if it’s barely been worn.


Next up is this Topshop blouse from Scope. I paid £4.50 for this which I think is really reasonable. It’s in really good condition and I was actually looking for blouses with peter-pan collars!


I spotted this Primark jumper in Barnardo’s for just £1.99. When I realised it had bunnies on it I just couldn’t resist!



This blouse is one of two things that I got from the PDSA. The brand is  Oasis and cost me £3.99. I’m so pleased with this top… Just how cute is it!? It’s lovely and lightweight and doesn’t look used at all!



My second purchase from the PDSA and final buy for this post is this Laura Ashley dress which I got for £9.99. I love wearing festive outfits throughout December and had in my mind that I wanted to buy an outfit that I could wear to my works Christmas drinks. It had to be something that I could wear to work int the daytime too. This snowflake dress was just perfect and subtle enough to go from day to evening.

There were so many good clothing brands for sale this time around: Warehouse, Zara, Jager, Next and French Connection to name a few! I really had to restrain myself from buying more! I still feel that some people snub charity shops and I really don’t know why. They’re missing out!

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