Buy One Get One Half Price At Holland & Barrett

I’m not normally one to go into Holland and Barrett as I’ve always seen it as a shop full of protein powders. A very long time ago I actually worked for their sister stores – GNC – and I was never keen on the products we sold. That said, I was walking past and fancied something healthy to snack on and I spotted a sign with their ‘buy one get one half price’ offer. I had a browse and was actually really impressed with what they sold!


I didn’t end up buying quite such healthy things but I did get some yummy treats at a discount!

FullSizeRender (87).jpg

These four bags of snacks should have come to £10.46, but I paid £7.96 for them.

FullSizeRender (86).jpg

While I was at the till, I happened to see a lady reducing some short-dated products. I had a little look and saw some rice cakes. I do like rice cakes but I find they’re pretty expensive for what they are! These Kallo ones however were just 43p each reduced from £1.75 and even better – they were also included in the offer! So instead of paying £2.15 for them after the initial discount, I got them for £1.71. If I bought these full-price it would have cost a whopping £8.75 – that’s far too much!  The lady at the counter did question whether I needed so many packets but despite the short date, these will last and of course, they will save me some money!

FullSizeRender (88).jpg

The ‘buy one get one half price’ offer is in it’s final week, so be quick if you want to stock up!

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