Savvy Stockpiler Or Just Crazy?

I have a feeling that this post is going to get three main types of reactions, which are:

‘I never thought of doing that, it makes sense’

‘Whoa, she’s a little insane… Who even has room for that!?’

‘What a greedy so-and-so! Leave some for the rest of us…’

I know I might come across as a tad crazy here, but I’ve realised that stockpiling certain items can really save you money! I first saw people do this on a program called Extreme Couponing – they’d dedicate whole rooms to all of the many items that they bought at a discount. I definitely don’t have the room for that, but it did get me thinking.

There was a news story recently that reported women spend up to 75% more on toiletries compared to men, which is way too high! I used to be one for buying expensive hair care brands but that all changed when I started to live on my own, and to be honest, my hair is so unmanageable that the difference in cost of products didn’t make any difference to the condition of my hair. That said, although I buy a ‘drugstore’ brand of hair-care products, I still wouldn’t pay full price and always wait for special offers to appear.

So why am I harping on about hair-care? Well, my dad and I were buying some lunch in Tesco last week – it was meant to be a quick visit. As we neared the tills I saw some ‘reduced to clear’ shelves out of the corner of my eye, so I abandoned my dad to have a look.

It was like I’d hit the hair-care jackpot – there were lots of products super reduced and it was the brand I normally use – Tresemme (plus a few extras). I thought about picking up just a few of each item but I knew what a great saving I’d make if I bought more to stockpile. I ended up filling two baskets!

My dad thought he would be really (un)funny and tell me that there was a sign saying one product per customer. I did actually believe him for a second, thanks Dad. He also did the typical parent thing of trying to embarrass me in front of others who were also buying the same things – “be quick-she’ll clear the shelves!”.  As cringey as my dad was however, he did insist on carrying all 4 heavy shopping bags back to the car, so he came in useful!

Here’s what I got:


These Garnier shampoos were 70p each reduced from £2.79 each.


The Ogx keratin serums were £1.75 each instead of £6.99 and the Neutrogena face wash cost only £1.12 instead of £2.99.


These Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp hair masks cost me just £1.25 each instead of £5.2o a tube.


I paid just £1.38 for each of these Tresemme hair masks instead of their usual price of £5.78


And finally, these Tresemme conditioners were just £1.25 instead of £4.99.

In total I spent £44.06 on these products and they would have cost me a staggering £177.71 if I’d paid full price! That’s about a 75% discount!


In reality, these products haven’t taken up much space in my home and I now don’t need to buy any more for quite some time! I’d recommend only stockpiling things that you know you will use and that also have a long shelf life.

Tesco stores nation-wide still have these items and more reduced to clear, so why not stock up like me?!

Does anyone else stock pile? If so, what items do you have and where do you keep it all?



2 thoughts on “Savvy Stockpiler Or Just Crazy?

  1. controlyormoney says:

    It is, in this reply, getting a fourth type of reaction. That made a lot of financial sense. It was definitely a good buy. Products at a price significantly less than the usual price. You use them all before the expiry date. You will save a lot of money because you bought in bulk.
    You were lucky to spot them, and you made the most of it.


    • thebargainbunnyblog says:

      Thanks for your comment! I keep telling friends and family just how much money I’ve saved on this and they are always shocked! I think it makes great financial sense, so long as you are able to afford the up front cost.


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