Trapped In A Lift While Bargain Hunting!

Two Sundays ago I’d planned to do a little yellow-sticker shopping to top up my freezer. It was a gloriously sunny day and in the town where I live there were a number of events on, so I thought that my local Tesco would be pretty dead. In my mind this would hopefully equal lots of highly reduced food.

I set off at 2pm, the shop is only a 5 minute drive up the road and I was feeling pretty confident. This Tesco is a new fancy one which has a travelator and a lift that takes you up to the main floor. I almost took the travelator but at the last second I changed my mind.

I was in the lift with a few other customers – I pressed the button and off we went. Or so I thought. After the doors shut nothing happened! Eventually we started to move upwards… And then suddenly we dropped down. I felt like I was on a real-life Tower of Terror ride. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a drop but it became apparent that we were very much stuck in the lift. Although it was a bit scary, I pressed the alarm button and we thought we’d soon be rescued. I pressed it again. And again. And again. No one responded and I started to panic a little! It was really hot and I was feeling faint – I did not want to pass out but I sure felt like I was going to. We got our our mobiles to try and call the store but none of us had signal. The guy in the lift with us tried to force the door open, but to avail. I know it’s dramatic, but I thought we’d never be found and die in there! One of the ladies in the lift started to press all of the buttons again – I’m not sure if it was that or the lift just started to behave itself, but we finally moved upwards again and got out. Nobody on the outside seemed to have a clue that we were stuck in there!

To be totally honest, I was quite shaken by it all and it took me ages for my anxiety levels to go down. Then I realised what I was actually in the shop for – to get bargains.

Unfortunately with all of the commotion in the lift, I’d missed out on the bulk of the 90% reductions and even more annoyingly, there was just one customer there who’d taken the lot. When she saw me standing behind her – waiting patiently to see what I could get – she jumped on everything as if her life depended on it. Perhaps I’m just too polite but I really don’t get why people don’t share. Despite her greediness, there were some things that the woman didn’t want and I was happy to have them!


Over in the bakery aisle I saw a few people pick up this and look at it in disgust when they noticed it was wheat and gluten free. I’ve actually has this cake before and thought it tasted great! I paid only £1 instead of £10 – amazing!


This organic beetroot was just 18p instead of £1.75. I bought it to see if my house bunny would eat it – turns out that she really hated it so I ate it instead!


I absolutely love Tesco’s breaded mini-fillets – these weren’t as reduced as everything else but I couldn’t resist them priced at £1.48 instead of  £2.50. The next two things are casts-off from the greedy lady – southern fried chicken fillets for 30p instead of £3 and chicken slices for only 20p instead of £2!


More cast-offs included 3 packets of Thai green curry chicken breasts at 35p each instead of £3.50.


And this turkey mince which I paid 30p for rather than £3.


I was really pleased with these little finds as well: green beans, corgette and spinach for 20p instead of £2, vegatable coconut and lenil pilat for 35p instead of £3.50 and two packs of creamed spinach for 26p instead of £2.60 each


Last up was this big pack of sandwich thins – I only ever make sandwiches with these so I was happy to get a pack for 14p rather than £1.40.

Altogether this lot cost me just £5.72 instead of a whopping £44.85! How crazy is that!? That’s an 87% saving. I think this is one of my best yellow-sticker shops yet!



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