A tale of two Tescos

I was out and about last night so I popped into my local and my not-so-local Tesco Extra to see if I could find any bargains.

Firstly, the not-so-local. I managed to get a packet of 6 pork loin steaks and a “mini roast” for two. They were both £2 reduced from £4. Normally a 50% discount wouldn’t be worth it to me unless I really wanted the product. With Tesco though, if the items are part of a multi-buy deal, you still get the additional discount, even if they’re yellow sticker-ed. This time I got an extra £1 off!



So I got these two for £3, and it will make 5 individual portions for me. Bargain!!

Now onto my local. It’s really new and the staff don’t always move everything to the designated reduced section. I have to put my glasses on and scoot around the aisles as quickly as I possibly can. It’s a race of the quickest and sneakiest to get the best discounts. Sometimes us thrifty shoppers have to work hard!

Slightly inconveniently, on my way up to the store in the lift a rather handsome guy started to talk to me. That would have been great at any other time, but all that mattered to me then was making sure I could get some bargains… He did say “see ya later” though. I remain hopeful for another encounter!

Once I managed a loop of the store, picking up items as I went, I ended up at the checkout with an indoor plant – 30p reduced from £2, 4 pots of *finest pasta sauce – 38p each reduced from £2.50 each (one ended up being free as part of a multi buy deal!) and a chocolate cake – £1.50 reduced from £10.

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

The plant was a great buy , it still looked really fresh and new – the packaging was lovely too. I gave it as a gift to a family friend. (The picture doesn’t do it justice as it was taken on my phone).


The pasta sauce I am pretty excited about – I love Tesco *finest products and each pot of sauce will do for two portions!



And finally the cake – what a great buy! It went down really well. I just wish I could claim that I made this bake-off worthy showstopper myself!


Total saving = £5 (62% discount!)


Total saving = £19.06 (82% discount!)

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