A Thrifty Easter Treat!

Like many others, at Easter I make corn-flake ‘nests’ – I don’t remember a year that I haven’t made them! They’re so easy to do and you can go to town on the decorating if you’re all about the aesthetics. I’m much more of a ‘bare minimum’ type-person in the presentation department, but taste is very important.

I’d normally use Kelloggs cornflakes, Cadbury mini eggs and some kind of branded chocolate to make my treats, but this year I thought I’d go a bit more budget.


While doing my shopping in Tesco I picked up their Everyday Value cornflakes, Everyday Value milk chocolate (x 2), and chose their own-brand Micro Eggs to top my nests. I thought a little outside the box this year and decided to make Easter nest lollies – I like to be a little different! Tesco didn’t have any sticks so I had to hop over to Asda for these.


I started off by melting two chocolate bars in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Although the two bars don’t look like a lot when heated, it did go a long way! I wondered if the chocolate would go a bit grainy like some bars do, but impressively it didn’t. To ensure that it doesn’t go funny, you could always buy cooking chocolate instead. Tesco Value cooking chocolate is just 35p a bar but unfortunately my store doesn’t stock it.

When adding the cornflakes I was pleasantly surprised by their look and after trying a handful- their taste too! They don’t have ‘the‘ taste that Kelloggs have, but if you’re using them in baking (well, it’s not baking really, but you know what I mean!) or putting sugar on them for your breakfast I don’t think it matters! They’re a thinner type of flake than the leading brand but I in fact like that. And when they’re smothered in chocolate who really cares!

I also like to make Easter nests with crushed-up shredded-wheat. It seems to be a less popular choice in my experience but I personally love them. I couldn’t find a Tesco own-brand version of these in my store, so you might have to look in other supermarkets for these if you want to try that instead.


On to grease-proof paper, I scooped out mounds of the mixture and popped a stick through the middle. I then – in a wobbly fashion – added my micro eggs. These chocolate eggs are super fun and taste good too. I also thought the packaging was really nice (I know that’s a bit irrelevant). So, you can see here I haven’t exactly put much effort into presentation, but if done with a little more care, I think these would have looked quite nice.



The main thing is though – they tasted great! I used Tesco products because that’s my nearest supermarket but I’m certain other own-brands would work just as well. I wanted to make this post because I love own-brand products and feel they don’t get enough credit. Don’t be afraid to try them… You’ll probably end up being pleasantly surprised!

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